Meredith’s 11/13/14 Mission update

by theclosetnarnian

Hello again from el CCM! The past week has been wonderful and so busy and I’m not quite sure how to begin.

This past week our fearless band of eight missionaries dwindled down to six as two were called to their respective native CCMs. Elder Bangerter was sent to Mexico City and Elder Edwards was told that he had two days to get ready to go to Guatemala City. We switched teachers from Hermano Rasmussen to Hermano Pemberton, who, in a surprising twist, was actually our first investigator Yerick. Hermano Rasmussen is now our newest investigator, Jesus Benjamin. It is fairly uncomfortable teaching someone who is already an amazing missionary, and I feel painfully aware of my inadequacies in the language, though I try to forget my worries during the lesson.

The schedule is still hectic and we are still busy all the time but I’ve come to really love the MTC. I’ve come to embrace mission life in all its chaotic glory, including listening to EFY songs and “Glorious” by David Archuleta more times than I care to admit. Our investigators are so nice and I committed Hely to baptism yesterday!

Being in leadership has been great, as it helps me get to know the other girls in the district a lot better. I have interviews with the senior companions of all the hermanas every week, and they are so kind and such great missionaries.

The MTC continues to have amazing speakers. The General President of the Young Women spoke to us, as did Spencer J. Condie and a member of the presiding bishopric. We watched Legacy as a district on Sunday, and it brought back so many memories of watching it when I was younger, making fun of the dramatic acting.

The language has gotten better, though people (even investigators) are still commenting on my French accent in Spanish. I have issues with rolling my “r”s and everything still sounds very French and throaty.

The most rewarding part of a mission for me so far has been having to rely on my own testimony and help it grow. I can’t rely on anyone else’s belief or knowledge, even if it’s just partial. I have loved putting hard work into study and prayer, working to build my testimony so I can share it with confidence.

I love you all so much!!


Meredith loved the chocolate caramel apple she received in a package.


Editor’s note:  Here is a translation, if needed 🙂

“Hermano” is the Spanish word for Brother.

“el CCM” is spanish for “the MTC.”

EFY is Especially for youth, a week long youth camp sponsored by BYU.