Meredith’s MTC bday

by theclosetnarnian

IMG_2657I HAD THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Tell everyone thank you so much and that they made my day even though I can’t see Facebook! Thanks Mom for printing the messages and emailing them to me!  It was so wonderful to see so many people from different stages of my life– high school, college, my childhood– who I love wishing me a happy birthday. It really seems only yesterday that it was my 10th birthday. We had  the sister missionaries over for dinner and I told them with excitement that in 10 years I’d be twenty. Now I’m a sister missionary myself celebrating my 20th birthday in the MTC!  I don’t mean to gloat but I just will. WILLIAM ROLAND DONALD STEWART LAVELLE IS THE GREATEST BOYFRIEND EVER!! I don’t know if you planned anything with him but I got a huge Home Depot box in the mail on November 18th. The elders were lame and didn’t tell me I had a package until late, so I couldn’t get it, but I got it the next day. There were two cakes, two bottles of sparkling grape juice, and some other goodies+presents. It was enough that I could have a birthday party with all the missionaries in my zone! He made me a photo album of all these things we had done on dates, a boxed set of classical music, and some cute Fu dog statues. The hermanas got me a water bottle (because I’m always almost passing out in class) and the elders got me non-alcoholic sangria.

The elders can really only check the mail twice, and they didn’t check in time so I could get my package. It’s fine though, it was nice to have two birthdays. I don’t know if there is anything else much to report, besides that our “investigators” are progressing and doing well.:)


The sisters insisted we have reeses pie from the vending machines for my birthday. One slice is around 360 calories. Eek!!


btw, 33 is the page in the white handbook that says no flirting or romantic relations with other missionaries or members in the mission


Also for my birthday all the hermanas from the other district heart-attacked my door! They wrote me all these wonderful notes! I love them so much and I’m so lucky to be their Sister Training Leader!


Hermana Rees already has a yoga puppies calendar to go with my new yoga Cats calendar! Comp unity