Meredith’s 11/26/14 Mission update

by theclosetnarnian

Hello Dearest Familia!

The MTC continues in its usual cycle of study, eat, sleep, study, eat, sleep as Provo gets colder and colder and my dread for the tundra of Montreal increases. A usual day in the MTC is as follows: wake up, work out, get ready and shower in 30 minutes (I used to believe this was impossible), eat breakfast looking ok or continue getting ready and actually look nice. In the time between meals we either have classes or have our daily study cycle (personal study, companionship study, and language study). We have a bi-weekly service assignment which varies from cleaning restrooms to vacuuming the track. I have discovered that I love cleaning sinks!

This week’s devotional speaker was Dallin H. Oaks!! He gave a great analogy for missionary work comparing us to pens, stating nobody wants a pen that says “today is my P-day, and I do not wish to work.” It was a great devotional, and I’m looking forward to our devo tomorrow.

The language is getting easier to communicate in, and I asked my teacher if he would start talking Spanish faster and with more of an accent. Maybe I will regret that in our next practice lesson. My Espanol and Francais have become an odd mixture as we speak in Spanish as much as possible. This afternoon a French teacher said “Bonjour ca va?” to me and I responded back with ” Si, ca va bien, gracias”.

Today was our last lesson with Hely and it was so sad to say goodbye. We also got our flight plans!! There are about 10 sisters I think and one elder going together to Montreal on Dec 9th, leaving the MTC at 3:30a.m.!  I think 6 are going French & Spanish–3 hermanas that are already fluent in Spanish and are learning French in the MTC, 3 who are fluent in French and learning Spanish, and 4 learning just French.

The MTC is a warm cocoon of love and encouragement, and I am a little nervous to enter into the real world, but I am excited to actually teach and talk with people and share what brings me happiness.

I love you all so much!!!



This is from my birthday package where Hermana Rees got some things too! She was so happy!





Liam was volunteering at the MTC Teaching Resource Center. He speaks Khmer with missionaries to help them with the language every Saturday morning. The elders went to look for him and found him.


Sister Rees, Laurent Urbani, me and Laurent’s companion,

(Elder Laurent Urbani is our friend from Cugnaux, France who is leaving the Provo MTC on Dec 1 to go to Tahiti).


Hely, Sister Rees and me.

Picture of me using my beloved Sister Training Leader phone, IMG_2684IMG_2683

I took a picture of myself in the scarf that Sister Tague sent me!


IMG_2685Notice the name tags of the statue missionaries are in Spanish!IMG_2682

In the picture of the room you can see little sticky notes where we have labeled vocab words.