Meredith’s Thanksgiving in the MTC

by theclosetnarnian

Why hello! 🙂

My Thanksgiving sack dinner (weep inwardly)

My Thanksgiving sack dinner (weep inwardly)

Last week I didn’t have P-Day due to Thanksgiving, so it is so nice to read emails and to hear of fun things going on at home. This Thanksgiving is the first, to my knowledge, that I haven’t been surrounded by my family and the accompanying array of delicious foods prepared by them. However, I was minorly consoled by a wonderful devotional lead by David A. Bednar and spending some non-class time with my district. We had a good time participating in a service project making casserole kits for less-fortunate children, and in seeing a talent show where an elder from our zone wowed us all with his fiddling.

I gave my first talk almost completely in Spanish. I say almost completely because I did substitute some French verbs in there (I thought no one could tell until I noticed the elders laughing. zut). It was on baptism.  I talked about how the act of baptism symbolizes a change of heart and a change of life and the faith and repentance that precedes it.

We had a variety of teachers this week as ours were off doing the “first Thanksgiving with future in-laws” thing. So we had a new investigator, Armando, from Peru. He asked a lot of questions which is the best.

Even though I’ve missed home and my old life this week, I’ve felt blessed as I’ve been able recogIMG_2694nize things that make me feel like it’s not so far away. Like hearing songs from the “Primary Colors” A’ Capella CD we would always listen to on road-trips and quoting “The Scarlet Pimpernel” in a most pompous way with Hermana Fox. I know that Heavenly Father wants to comfort us and knows how to do it in the way that is best for us.

Pretty Christmas lights after watching Meet the Mormons on Thanksgiving (Since then I've seen Meet the Mormons again. The Candy Bomber always makes me cry)

Pretty Christmas lights after watching Meet the Mormons on Thanksgiving (Since then I’ve seen it again. The Candy Bomber always makes me cry)

I love you all! This is my last week in the US for the next 17 months so my address will be different as will the number of stamps requisite for letters. Also my P-Day will be on Monday most days in the field, so that’s when my emails will come out. There is also the hashtag “Share the Gift” that has been spread around the web. It invites us all to share the love and the message of Jesus Christ this season. You don’t need to do anything on social media, but you can try and spread that message throughout the holidays in any way you feel inspired!

Bisous sucres!


P.S. I love you, and tell everyone else that I love them!

Here are links to the #ShareTheGift video that Meredith mentioned above:

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