Meredith is in Quebec

by theclosetnarnian

Why hello,

I arrived in Montreal!  How nice it is to look upon so many beautiful emails from family and friends on my first P-Jour here in Quebec. It really is a Winter Wonderland here, thick piles of snow and lots of small parks everywhere that are covered in snow. The mission president is really kind as is his wife and three kids that are with him. The mission home has been the same here for decades, and it’s this really cute old home. Homes look so different on the East CoBrossard.10ast, roofs are more sloped!

I was assigned to serve in the La Prairie branch, a French-speaking area about a half hour south from the island of Montreal. The area is mainly residential, so it’s fun to be here and see all the lights. The branch covers a bunch of cities like Brossard and St. Constant , so that will be a lot of doors to knock on and a lot of people to invite to come closer to Christ! I am so ready.

My trainer is Soeur Brimhall, she is on her third transfer here, and she is already training! I’m a little sad that I won’t be able to use my Spanish, as all Spanish speakers are referred to another ward, but it is nice to actually be able to communicate and understand what people say for the first time in a month. Even still, sometimes when I talk about the gospel I start reverting back to Espanol, and I find it difficult to respond to Soeur rather than Hermana.

A struggle we are having is that we have no investigators. While Christmas time is a time when discussing Jesus Christ and his teachings comes easier, it’s also a busy time of rushing around and errands, and so it can be difficult to talk with people about anything at all. We’ll continue working hard though. I suggested to Soeur Brimhall that instead of just knocking and handing out pass along cards we could just go caroling instead. People were a lot kinder, and one woman let us in and gave us some Colombian hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is delicious but a tad more bitter, and so they put cheese in it. Yes. And I will suggest to all of you that mozzarella cheese in your hot chocolate is something to try. Fun things have happened through knocking though. A drunk man with the thickest Canadian accent I have EVER heard (aboot instead of about etc.) advised us to live wealthy not healthy.

The branch is wonderful and so kind! I am excited to get to know them better. We helped set up a Christmas tree for a lady in the ward this week and then she fed us, which was awesome.  Snow is just everywhere, and I wish I had bought boots beforehand. ugh I was so stubborn about buying them here in Canada, but my first night we went knocking, and it was a sad time in my thin leather boots.

I love you all so much!!