Joyeux Noel from Meredith

by theclosetnarnian

Hello! Back I am again at my comfortable perch in the mall on P-Jour. This week was kind of quiet and laid-back due to the holidays.

Monday we had a Zone Christmas Devotional, and we also received mail and packages!! In our area we can only get mail and packages once a week so receiving mail is always an event of jubilation. While at the devotional I was able to talk to an Hermana from my MTC district. It was so nice to see a familiar face among all these elders and soeurs!joyeuses-fetes-2014

Tuesday we shared a message with a recent convert and her friend after Zone Training. Wednesday we scrounged for things to do so we could feel productive. I must say, I’m pretty proud of the bulletin board we made for our English class. With its pearls, flowers, and ribbons no one will mistake that it was made by sister missionaries.

Christmas Day, after working out, we allowed ourselves to open our presents! And then we commenced with personal study with more energy than usual. Skyping with my family was so fun, and we spent the rest of the day with three different member families eating eating eating.

On Friday we woke up out of our food-induced reverie back into real mission life again. We passed by less-active members on Saturday along with walking down a long street in our area. I startled a boy walking down the street when I practically ran up to him and yelled Bon soir! He didn’t want to learn more, like most people, but I feel good knowing that I am giving people an opportunity to learn more about our Savior and the gospel. The most effective form of missionary work happens when members share the gospel with their friends and family.  So I would encourage you to share your testimony with others and share the joy that the gospel brings to your life..

I love you all and Joyeuses Fêtes!