Many are Cold but Few are Frozen

by theclosetnarnian

IMG_3118Canada’s variety of weather types has definitely made itself known. Freezing rain, snow, and wind that rattles our apartment have been going on for the past week.

On Tuesday we had  probably my busiest day out in the field. Two lessons and people to see all day. We had a brunch with a member family and a family that was interested in learning more about the church. After eating we shared the message of the Restoration, and the couple asked questions throughout. They are both searching after truth, and we hope we can meet with them again. We contacted a woman who was at church with her less-active friend, and she invited us over. She is Sri Lankan and we hope we can get her a Book of Mormon in her language. We passed by some members for the rest of the day.

This week we have been focusing on how we can strengthen and help the members. We made individualized notes for all of them and gave each family a different scripture. As we passed by we asked if we could share a short message on Joseph Smith. We know so many of the members have amazing testimonies of him already, but it is always so nice to reaffirm simple truths that we take for granted. As I’ve been studying Jesus the Christ, I’ve begun to see Him as less of a distant figure and more as my friend and my brother. Its so wonderful to learn more about Him and see how He talked to people and brought them to know the truth.

We discovered a nature walk where we can walk and talk to people (which is a big deal because not a lot of people want to walk anywhere outside, unless it’s to walk their dog). By the end of three hours I could neither feel my knees, my toes, my mouth or my cheeks.

I hope you are all staying warm wherever you are this week!

I love you all!