Cette Semaine

by theclosetnarnian

Goodness, another week over? This week consisted of finding activities upon finding activities. At one point we drew an entire Plan of Salvation diagram in the snow at a park in Sainte Catherine.

On Monday after P-Day we taught a recent convert named Stella the Plan of Salvation.envelope cartoon  She is so amazing, and reads the Sunday School manual on the way to work and the Book of Mormon at night!

Tuesday was a little disheartening. At a certain point rejection upon rejection gets to you and you sort of break. But after talking through it with Soeur Brimhall and having some Tim Horton’s we were able to get back to work. Wednesday was knocking and contacting again.

Thursday was my first official mission president interview. It was nice to talk about the area and ways we can do a better job of finding people to teach. He suggested instead of teaching 5 member families all the lessons to just teach all the members one lesson and show them the hastening of the work video with Neil L. Anderson. We then went and served at the food bank. The lady I was working with said that she can always tell who the Mormons are because “they’re just gorgeous!” Always nice to be flattered when I am wearing about five layers of bulky clothing and am dead tired.

Friday we volunteered for the Red Cross then had weekly planning. Saturday was transfer calls, no surprise I’m staying in La Prairie!

Sunday was church. I have never realized how much I need church as much as on my mission. The peace I feel no matter the lesson, and just the knowledge that I’m where I’m supposed to be for at least 3 hours in the day gives me help for the rest of the week. At the end I can walk outside knowing that I can face whatever may lie ahead.

I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel!


Meredith wrote that she still isn’t able to upload any photos because of the computers they use at the mall.  In the meantime I’ll continue to improvise with her cute drawings. 🙂