Greetings from the South Shore

by theclosetnarnian

Dear family and friends!

The weather this week wavered around a balmy 1 degree Celcius (about 34 degrees F), so talking with people was wonderful. There is a park near our apartment and they transformed part of the nature path into an ice-skating path. On Saturday there were so many people there, so many cute families teaching their children how to ice skate. In California ice-skating seemed to just be something that people did for their 7th birthdays, but here everyone has been playing hockey or ice-skating since they were toddlers.

AmirMonday as usual we ate at Amir, a Lebanese restaurant in the mall. We had a Target run, perhaps our last as apparently they are shutting down all of the Targets in Canada? Alas.

We had so many dinners with members! I love them all so much!! I love all their families and all their children.  They are so inspiring to me! Also they all cook really well. Often they remind me of my family, so it feels like being at home.

Thursday we had an Enrichment Night where we did yoga. I had forgotten the comfortable nature of pants. Before then we had service. A man accused me of being brainwashed and manipulated by my religion, nothing new really. I actually enjoyed the experience.

I saw that I made it on the program at church! I am so honored! I love my ward, and I am so happy that I was able to be raised with such amazing people to look up to.

I’ve been reading some talks in French for study, and it seems that I’ve read a lot on peace. When the man at service was going on and on about how I have no freedom, that I have been restricted from “real life” for all of my twenty years, I felt peace knowing that this mission was my choice, and my decision to be a faithful member of the church is also my choice. And I am so happy I made that choice.

I love you all so much!

Your “brainwashed” associate,

Soeur Meredith Hanna