Good morning!

by theclosetnarnian

This week has been great and full of miracles, as usual. I find that a mission makes one rather cognizant of these sorts of things, something I want to keep up after I get back.

Monday after our P-Day we had a dinner appointment with the Branch president’s family. Soeur Brimhall and I later discovered that we are the worst at bus contacting.  All those fancy Cégep students and their “forcefields” aka headphones. Tuesday we had another great lesson with Stella and got to know her daughter better.

Wednesday was our District Meeting. Oh the joys of Haitian cooking. I have decided that I want to eat the majority of my meals with plantains. After that we called Elder Hayward, the head of vehicles for the mission, and asked about the car. The call was a little disheartening, and we had another moment where we resolved ourselves to another week of no car. But then, only about 5 minutes after that call, Elder Hayward called and said our car was fixed and we could go pick it up on the island {Montreal city center} as soon as we could! With our Sister Training Leaders we found out how we could take the metro the next day. We also ate with the Bouchards, our mission leader’s family, and Soeur Bouchard offered to take us to the Longueil metro.

Thursday we departed for the metro. It has been so long since I rode on a subway, but I was able to put my metro map-reading skills I learned in Europe to good use! The other sister training leaders in Kirkland picked us up and took us to the garage! Later that night we had a dinner appointment with Soeur Lagace.

Friday we had a lesson with Ginette Delorme. She said she had been looking forward all week for her lessons from her two little angels! She even gave us little Valentine candies! She is so kind and open and so Christlike.

Saturday we learned how to make lasagna with Soeur Groux. Also, Mario called and moved up our appointment to the 20th instead of the 23rd! Prayers are answered!

Sunday after a celebration for the 1-year birthday of our branch, we went and saw Mary. She is a kind, elderly woman who isn’t really interested in the message but who definitely needs service, so we are excited to help her.

I love you all and miss you!

P.S. I speak French all the time! In this part of Quebec there are mainly Franco-phones. And there aren’t too many English or bilingual schools so essentially everyone has to learn French 🙂