Meredith’s mission update 2/23/15

by theclosetnarnian

Ca va mes potes?

All is well here, though the past weekend was considered one of the coldest this winter.  Canadians keep telling us that it will warm up soon, but I will believe that only when I see some of this snow melt.  Monday we had a hearty meal of Amir (I really need to stop with my Lebanese food intake, no one wants to talk about the gospel with someone who smells heavily of garlic).  I have had some good Quebecois food though, such as poutine, on other p-days.  We continued with our P-Jour, and then, in a similar manner as two weeks ago, our beloved vehicle started sputtering and spattering and overheating and then stopped.  Tuesday was spent figuring out what was wrong with it, and then we tried passing by some members and contacting at Tim Horton’s.

meredith w soeur brimhall and a member

Wednesday at District Meeting I led a discussion on the most recent mission newsletter.  Afterward, we figured out how to get onto the island again to get to the garage. We traveled in a metro car along with some vomit (definitely one of my less fragrant public transport experiences). We were able to get the car and get back in time for our Branch Council meeting. Missionaries in our stake are going to start attending Relief Society Presidency meetings and will start being assigned as Visiting teachers to less-active members, so that is quite new.

Thursday before our weekly service we made a program for a baptism on Saturday, putting to work the skills I learned making programs in my first semester at BYU-I. After service we went to the Flynn’s for dinner and then to the first part of a Relief Society activity. The activity was watching a RomCom (romantic comedy), so we definitely had to leave before we got tempted to watch the movie.

Friday was our lesson with Mario!!!! Yesssss!!! We brought Soeur Salm with us. Honestly, I think the members’ testimonies are often the most powerful in our lessons. Our lessons with Mario are half French half English, an example of just how bilingual the Quebecois are. Mario loves talking with us, loves learning, shares what he learns with his friends, but he doesn’t feel comfortable yet with coming to church or praying. He is really fun to teach, we love talking with him, and we really felt the Spirit.

Saturday was the baptism of a sister who was excommunicated and less-active for years. We had been trying to teach her for a while. Last Sunday we talked to her husband, who has always been active, and he said his wife would be baptized the following Saturday. We were so shocked. We were invited along with a few others, and it was so wonderful to see this brother baptize his wife in front of his family. The Spirit was so strong. This sister is one of my heroes.

There are 2 boys in our branch.  Xavier is 12 and a deacon and Tom is 3.  Tom wants to follow Xavier everywhere.  He follows Xavier to where the Aaronic priesthood sits, and Tom sits next to Xavier during Sacrament meeting.  Xavier plays with Tom and takes care of him.  On my mission I have come to respect and admire the priesthood more than ever before. Sunday after church we passed by members and talked about the Family Mission Plan.

I love you all!!