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Month: March, 2015

Meredith’s mission update 3/23/15

This week was nice, just a calm one as the weather continues to improve. I am wearing only my Fall coat now and regular boots!

Monday we had dinner at the home of the Houde family. Tuesday we had a great lesson with the famille Fils-Aime. I have decided that I want to learn some Haitian Creole. After that we went to a lesson with Soeur Cleroin, and then to Ward Council. This area is even more French than my last area. And there are a lot of Spanish speakers too!  I have used only a little Spanish, but one of the members made me promise to speak Spanish at every Espanophone home.

Wednesday was District Meeting. Our District Leader asked us to raise our vision of hope, having more hope in our daily work. We had a lesson with another member, Soeur Babin, then we had dinner at the familly Geriepy. Our area is even bigger than La Prairie, with more countryside and farmland, so commutes from one place to the other can be around 45 minutes. Friday was Weekly Planning after an amazing lesson with Soeur Lavoie. After we talked about the temple with her, she let out a long sigh and said “everything’s clear now.” She had been frustrated by all the things people had told her about the temple and all the steps required to get to that point.

Saturday we finished Weekly Planning and went contacting. I can’t wait until the weather gets better so we can contact outside more, instead of making ourselves even plumper with all the Tim Horton’s products we eat for contacting.

Sunday was church of course. There is no pianist in the ward so they usually listen to recordings to sing. I felt like maybe I should offer to play, even though I can only sight-read with my right hand (#violinistprobs). The bishop was really happy even with that, so hopefully I can play next week.

Afterward we ate chez la famille Belanger and passed by an investigator. We knocked on the door after noticing someone was in the house and immediately someone inside turned off the lights.

This week was all-in-all fairly uneventful, but we have been able to see miracles everyday. I’ve also developed even more of a testimony on prayer, and how exercising faith in Heavenly Father can give us so much peace.

I love you all!


This week! Mission update — March 16, 2015

lion cropped

From a letter Meredith sent to her brother.

What a nice week! I am understanding the area better, and my companion, Soeur Willis, is awesome!

Tuesday we had a lesson with a member and her 10-year-old daughter.  We had dinner with them and the Ward Council.  We have elders in our ward too, and they take up another half of the area. It is difficult not to get jealous when another team has so many progressing investigators. Yes, it’s the most shallow thing in the world. I always need to remember that it is the Lord’s work, and it is His time, and as long as I am being obedient and working hard we will sow seeds that will become beautiful trees, a la Alma 32:26-43.

Wednesday we shared a message with the Munoz family. We had planned on sharing the Family Mission Plan, but the elders shared it with them first. That’s what we get for having the former Montreal zone leader transferred to our ward! Honestly, we didn’t care, it was a funny situation, and we had a consolation prize of cake.

Thursday we did Weekly Planning and Friday was a zone training! Those always get me so pumped, after I get over the fact that I need to humble myself and keep changing the way I work.

Saturday we went to two funerals, one at a Catholic Church and one at our church. We also had an amazing contacting experience with a man at Tim Hortons. It was just so natural, he believed in Christ and wasn’t judgmental of what we were doing or what we believed (he was also not flirting with us, which is different). He said he wanted to see us again.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party. There were some non-member family members there and we shared the Mormon message of A Book of Mormon Story. The Spirit was so strong, even the kids were watching and being quiet. We bore our testimonies of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and how it completes the Bible and answers our deepest questions. I love the gospel, and I love sharing my love for it with other people. It is true, and more than that it blesses us. It demands sacrifices but it rewards us with stronger families and relationships, with meaningful experiences and a surer understanding of ourselves and how God loves and knows each of us personally.

I love you all!

Bonne semaine!


The Good Earth

I am finally here in la Rive-Nord! I never thought leaving areas would be so hard, I don’t want to do it again soon. What with packing, leaving my companion and by association all of our inside jokes (most having to do with movies we both know…haha), and saying goodbye to families I love, it is not altogether the most pleasant of experiences. But Terrebonne is beautiful, and the members are wonderful, so I’m looking forward to learning more about the area!

Monday we emailed and said goodbye to the missionaries in the Lemoyne district. We commenced the task of packing. We didn’t finish. We had dinner with the family of the Branch Mission Leader and they even remembered Sister Brimhall’s birthday which was at the end of the week! Then another member family, the Borregos, made us dessert.

Tuesday we did some finding activities and had a lesson with a less-active member. We had dinner with the Flynn’s and Sister Brimhall got a second birthday party!! The members are so conscientious of the missionaries!

I was on the verge of tears for three days.

Wednesday was the transfer. I finally stuffed everything in my suitcase and we headed for Montreal. Though it was sad to say goodbye to everyone, I got to see Hermanas Fox and Meldrum and reminisce about our glory days in the MTC. I met my companion, Sister Willis, and we headed North of la Riviere des Mille-Iles.

The rest of the week was a blur. New people, new lessons, new apartment, new weather (it’s a little colder up here). But everyone is so nice, and there are a ton more people to teach. We taught a Haitian family on Sunday. The Spirit was so strong, and they are so ready to be baptized.

I love you all and hope you are well!

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Last Monday was just a normal P-Day, with me falling asleep while writing letters, deciding to take a nap and not being able to, and hurriedly eating something that might be called a dinner before heading out to proselyte at night. Tuesday we had a lesson with an elderly couple, a very succinct, lovely lesson on faith. Wednesday we passed by Mary, the lady we talked to last week. She agreed to read the Book of Mormon! In a wonderful miracle we were able to pass by a less-active member, who was just about to walk out the door as we came up. We walked her dog with her and talked about how Jesus Christ is important in our lives. She loved when she talked with some sisters before us and agreed to meet with us again!

Thursday was Zone Conference! We learned a lot, ate a lot, what could be better. Friday we had a great lesson with Mario on Faith. It is such an essential component of belief, but hard for people to understand, because it sometimes seems like those who are religious follow in blind ignorance. That is why prayer is important, it gives us personal and individualized and real answers to our questions.

Saturday was amazing and surprising. I had really been feeling that I would stay in La Prairie for a while, getting comfortable in the area and with the members. We got our transfers call though, and I am leaving, going to le Rive Nord! Soeur Brimhall is going to the city of Montreal, and our area is going to become an elders area for the first time in the branch’s history. Earlier that day we had a really good conversation about the gospel with a French au pair. Great missionary moments can come from such simple things like complimenting shoes (this is my go-to compliment because I love boots) and just wanting to be friendly.

Sunday I bore my testimony, and I’m sure it was difficult for the members to understand what I was saying, I was holding back tears the whole time. This area is amazing. I’m jealous of the elders that are taking it over, and I’m thankful that I was able to spend  time here.

I love you all so much!

Meredith finally sent us her last photos from the MTC and 1st from Montreal.

obligtory mtc map photo 12-9-2014

Meredith got the obligatory MTC world map photo before leaving the MTC.  

1st day in montreal

1st full day in Montreal!!

soeur brimhall et m 12-15-2014

Meredith’s 1st companion Soeur Brimhall

apt balcony 12-14-2015poutine 1st day in mission fieldsnow bank 12-13-2014m on rive sud 12-15-2014cute house 12-15-2014rive sud 12-15-2014