This week! Mission update — March 16, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

lion cropped

From a letter Meredith sent to her brother.

What a nice week! I am understanding the area better, and my companion, Soeur Willis, is awesome!

Tuesday we had a lesson with a member and her 10-year-old daughter.  We had dinner with them and the Ward Council.  We have elders in our ward too, and they take up another half of the area. It is difficult not to get jealous when another team has so many progressing investigators. Yes, it’s the most shallow thing in the world. I always need to remember that it is the Lord’s work, and it is His time, and as long as I am being obedient and working hard we will sow seeds that will become beautiful trees, a la Alma 32:26-43.

Wednesday we shared a message with the Munoz family. We had planned on sharing the Family Mission Plan, but the elders shared it with them first. That’s what we get for having the former Montreal zone leader transferred to our ward! Honestly, we didn’t care, it was a funny situation, and we had a consolation prize of cake.

Thursday we did Weekly Planning and Friday was a zone training! Those always get me so pumped, after I get over the fact that I need to humble myself and keep changing the way I work.

Saturday we went to two funerals, one at a Catholic Church and one at our church. We also had an amazing contacting experience with a man at Tim Hortons. It was just so natural, he believed in Christ and wasn’t judgmental of what we were doing or what we believed (he was also not flirting with us, which is different). He said he wanted to see us again.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party. There were some non-member family members there and we shared the Mormon message of A Book of Mormon Story. The Spirit was so strong, even the kids were watching and being quiet. We bore our testimonies of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and how it completes the Bible and answers our deepest questions. I love the gospel, and I love sharing my love for it with other people. It is true, and more than that it blesses us. It demands sacrifices but it rewards us with stronger families and relationships, with meaningful experiences and a surer understanding of ourselves and how God loves and knows each of us personally.

I love you all!

Bonne semaine!