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Letters and Photos from Sister/Soeur/Hermana Hanna

Month: April, 2015

Six months out!

This week was awesome.  On Monday we had dinner at the bishop’s house, and on Tuesday we had a great lesson with our investigator Chimene.

Wednesday we had District Meeting, as usual.  Honestly I think all the boys should learn how to direct music. It is so odd, everything I learned in school or in music classes I am using on my mission. All of my art presentation skills, my music skills (besides violin), study skills, etc. I am using them all. It is a testimony to me of why we should develop talents.

Thursday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders that serve in the Montreal YSA. They live right in the middle of the city, and it was my turn to go with one of them! We exchanged at the Laval Metro, and I spent 24 hours teaching lessons with one of the Sister Training Leaders. It is so fun to serve in the city but it really is so much more physically demanding. Stairs, stairs, and more stairs and running to catch metros and people everywhere. For now I am happy in Terrebonne. Even so, I loved the chance to have a sort of vacation in the centre ville.

One thing I am trying to work a lot harder on is faith and positivity. We aren’t teaching a lot, yet we know that there are people in our area that are searching. I am trying to look positively on every day, believing that Heavenly Father will put us in the path of ready people. I don’t think there is a single returned missionary or member missionary that would tell anyone that missionary work is easy or comfortable. If there is, I sincerely question their sanity. Missions are supposed to be hard, but with faith I can see how important it is for me to be out here, and I can really see how Heavenly Father is blessing me every day with so many miracles and tender mercies. If my mission has taught me one thing it is that Heavenly Father cares for each of His children in every aspect of their lives, in every trial, in every success, and even when they are downright stubborn.

Sunday we had an awesome Stake Conference. It was a broadcast for everyone in the North Midwest and Northeast parts of the US and Canada. I emerged out of the meeting with renewed vigor for member missionary work. It’s the best, you all should try it.

I love you all and hope you are well!



Meredith’s Mission update 4/20/15

Hello! This week was another blur of contacting and lessons with our investigator Chimene.

On Wednesday we had two lessons, one with a less-active member and one with an investigator, as well as a dinner appointment. We also met the new missionary (a greenie!) in our apartment. In French when somebody is new at something they’re blue (bleu), not green.  She is from Carlsbad, and I randomly know her because when I broke my foot she carried me up a hill in a wagon at Trek…coincidences.

Thursday we contacted in the old section of our city. We met several wonderful people. It is amazing how people will open up to you if you just take time to get to know them. We were talking with an elderly man who was at the park with his wife. He and his wife were going through some severe health struggles, and as we talked with him he started crying, telling us how much he loved his wife and couldn’t bear losing her. We testified that we know families can be together forever and that Heavenly Father has prepared a way that he can be with his wife and his children forever. So many people are so spiritual and ponder deep questions, and they really desire to talk about spiritual experiences they have had. I don’t mean to sound condemning, but sometimes the world is so shallow and superficial, making people afraid to open up about these vulnerable parts of themselves. I love as a missionary being able to discuss these important things with other people, and in turn showing them there is a way to know more about how God loves them.

Friday was Weekly Planning which we did at the church so that I could practice piano after. It is so amazing — only two weeks ago I could not read Bass clef, but now I can! I feel bad that the members have to listen to my sub-par playing, but I’m also thankful for the opportunity to increase my skill in piano.

Saturday we contacted potentials and passed by members. Sunday was the same, and we had a great lesson with a Haitian member and her daughter to show them the Because He Lives video.

I had an amazing week, and I hope it was the same for all of you!

I love you all!


Many of my memories from the past week are a blur. Why? Because it is the first legitimately warm day that I have had in Quebec since I got here, and all I can think about is how wonderful the sunshine is and how many people are outside. It feels like no one is indoors, everyone is skateboarding or biking or eating outside at a cafe. However, knowing the bipolarity of the weather makes me nervous for the rest of the week.  4-13-15 meredith ice cream

Some highlights from the past week: We did some service at the home of one of our investigators. Chimene expressed some frustration at not being able to understand the Book of Mormon, so we are going to read it with her.

We had Zone Training in Montreal, so we drove there for that. Our transfer calls were on Saturday and Sister Willis and I are staying in our area! I am so sorry I don’t have much more written down, but I had to switch planners for the new transfer so I don’t have my notes. I will fill in more details next week, I promise!

goat licking meredith 3-30-15 peacock 3-30-15 Meredith & Soeur Willis pday 4-6-154-6-15 p-day moose4-6-15 horse 4

I love you all!!

Meredith Mission update 4/6/15

This week has been eventful, and I can’t believe I am almost done with my fourth transfer! Almost 6 months into my mission, not a “greenie” anymore (which is sad because being a greenie is the perfect excuse for all mistakes).

On Monday we taught an English class. On Tuesday we were passing by members and potential investigators. One of the members invited us over for dinner, and we were able to give their pre-missionary son some mission advice. Wednesday we had District Meeting and passed by more members. I think my French is still improving.  A woman at church who is French told me I had a good accent, and some people think that I am from Quebec, which is cool. But then there was a Belgian missionary who thought I was German.

On Thursday we did our Weekly Planning so we wouldn’t do it on Friday. Friday we wanted to be out as much as possible due to the holiday. On Friday we had a lesson with an investigator and showed them the Because He Lives video. We were on splits with the Sister Training Leaders so Soeur Willis was in the ville de Montreal and I was still in the North Shore. The Sister Training Leaders met us at the Laval metro, and I had to get Soeur Jeter back to our area. I didn’t actually know where I was going, so we ended up coming home at around 11pm. We would have come home later if not for our district leader’s GPS. The rest of Friday was spent contacting people in the street. I always feel awkward contacting couples, but on Friday nights young couples are the main demographic. Saturday and Sunday were Conference. On Sunday we got invited to an Easter dinner which was so fun.

I love you all so much!

Meredith’s mission update 3/30/2015

Monday we had a dinner appointment with la famille Carter. I have finally met the last Carter sibling! I met all the rest in La Prairie. I suppose I need to serve in la Rive-Sud again in Granby Park to meet their parents. Because they are a young family we did an object lesson for them with my little pink flashlight. We explained how we can be lights to the world, and the boys loved turning the flashlight on and off! Then we taught an English class to a Latino family so I got to practice Spanish!

Tuesday we contacted around a park in a historic district. We met a lot of people and slowly I feel my fear of talking to strangers going away. That’s a good thing now, but maybe I’ll have to temper it a little when I get back home. After, we went to teach a lesson and to have dinner with the Ampeuro family. We also had an investigator come to a Relief Society activity!

Wednesday we passed out invitations to a coin-de-feu (fireside) for Easter. Then we ate chez la famille Rioux, and we tried maple water for the first time! Maple water is what makes maple syrup, and the Rioux get it from their own trees. I think they boil the maple water to make the syrup.

Thursday was Soeur Willis’ birthday! It was also my 5-month anniversary on the mission. We treated ourselves to sushi. It was the besssst. Then we had virgin pina coladas with a less-active member. To top off the #fatlyfe, the Mascouche sisters surprised her with cake!

Friday we had a lesson planned but the investigator wasn’t there. Sad. But the member we brought with us bought gelato for us to ease our pain. Then we Weekly Planned which is necessary but staying in the apartment makes me drowsy. In my mind I just think apartment=sleep place. I also practiced piano at the church at the same time as a church dance. No one was dancing! I have never wanted more to get in the middle of a dance floor and make a fool of myself. People were sort of just shuffling around the building.

Saturday was women’s conference and seeing pictures of cute families makes me weepy. I have such a wonderful family, and I miss them so much! I also love the Family Proclamation so much and all the truth in it.

Sunday I played the piano in church. It was literally a miracle, I made almost no mistakes. I prayed so hard that I would be able to play well for the members. We also had a great fireside.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all!!

Happy Birthday to Meredith's companion Soeur Willis

Happy Birthday to Meredith’s companion Soeur Willis