Meredith’s mission update 3/30/2015

by theclosetnarnian

Monday we had a dinner appointment with la famille Carter. I have finally met the last Carter sibling! I met all the rest in La Prairie. I suppose I need to serve in la Rive-Sud again in Granby Park to meet their parents. Because they are a young family we did an object lesson for them with my little pink flashlight. We explained how we can be lights to the world, and the boys loved turning the flashlight on and off! Then we taught an English class to a Latino family so I got to practice Spanish!

Tuesday we contacted around a park in a historic district. We met a lot of people and slowly I feel my fear of talking to strangers going away. That’s a good thing now, but maybe I’ll have to temper it a little when I get back home. After, we went to teach a lesson and to have dinner with the Ampeuro family. We also had an investigator come to a Relief Society activity!

Wednesday we passed out invitations to a coin-de-feu (fireside) for Easter. Then we ate chez la famille Rioux, and we tried maple water for the first time! Maple water is what makes maple syrup, and the Rioux get it from their own trees. I think they boil the maple water to make the syrup.

Thursday was Soeur Willis’ birthday! It was also my 5-month anniversary on the mission. We treated ourselves to sushi. It was the besssst. Then we had virgin pina coladas with a less-active member. To top off the #fatlyfe, the Mascouche sisters surprised her with cake!

Friday we had a lesson planned but the investigator wasn’t there. Sad. But the member we brought with us bought gelato for us to ease our pain. Then we Weekly Planned which is necessary but staying in the apartment makes me drowsy. In my mind I just think apartment=sleep place. I also practiced piano at the church at the same time as a church dance. No one was dancing! I have never wanted more to get in the middle of a dance floor and make a fool of myself. People were sort of just shuffling around the building.

Saturday was women’s conference and seeing pictures of cute families makes me weepy. I have such a wonderful family, and I miss them so much! I also love the Family Proclamation so much and all the truth in it.

Sunday I played the piano in church. It was literally a miracle, I made almost no mistakes. I prayed so hard that I would be able to play well for the members. We also had a great fireside.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all!!

Happy Birthday to Meredith's companion Soeur Willis

Happy Birthday to Meredith’s companion Soeur Willis