Meredith’s Mission update 4/20/15

by theclosetnarnian

Hello! This week was another blur of contacting and lessons with our investigator Chimene.

On Wednesday we had two lessons, one with a less-active member and one with an investigator, as well as a dinner appointment. We also met the new missionary (a greenie!) in our apartment. In French when somebody is new at something they’re blue (bleu), not green.  She is from Carlsbad, and I randomly know her because when I broke my foot she carried me up a hill in a wagon at Trek…coincidences.

Thursday we contacted in the old section of our city. We met several wonderful people. It is amazing how people will open up to you if you just take time to get to know them. We were talking with an elderly man who was at the park with his wife. He and his wife were going through some severe health struggles, and as we talked with him he started crying, telling us how much he loved his wife and couldn’t bear losing her. We testified that we know families can be together forever and that Heavenly Father has prepared a way that he can be with his wife and his children forever. So many people are so spiritual and ponder deep questions, and they really desire to talk about spiritual experiences they have had. I don’t mean to sound condemning, but sometimes the world is so shallow and superficial, making people afraid to open up about these vulnerable parts of themselves. I love as a missionary being able to discuss these important things with other people, and in turn showing them there is a way to know more about how God loves them.

Friday was Weekly Planning which we did at the church so that I could practice piano after. It is so amazing — only two weeks ago I could not read Bass clef, but now I can! I feel bad that the members have to listen to my sub-par playing, but I’m also thankful for the opportunity to increase my skill in piano.

Saturday we contacted potentials and passed by members. Sunday was the same, and we had a great lesson with a Haitian member and her daughter to show them the Because He Lives video.

I had an amazing week, and I hope it was the same for all of you!

I love you all!