Mission update of May 4, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

Last Monday we learned how to knit with a member for P-Day. I have currently knitted a significant portion of the slippers I am hoping to make. Many people here have dozens and dozens of knitted slippers in baskets so that guests have something to keep their feet warm after they take off their shoes. Tuesday we did some pass bys and did some knocking. It is amazing how some people will completely open up about their lives after just saying hello. Sometimes this is a bad thing.
Wednesday we had District Meeting and did some service for one of the elders’ investigators.
Thursday we had our unit interviews with the elders, the team interviews with companionship, the personal interviews, all with our mission president. It was really good to get feedback and training and also to vent. We had a lesson with an investigator and a Family Mission Plan lesson with a member.
Saturday we once again did service and we played soccer. We always have so many people playing soccer– members and non-members– and the majority of them are really, really good. Thankfully they are all super supportive too, which must be hard because of all sports I’m probably the worst at soccer, and of all pass-times, I am the worst at sports. But every time the ball comes near me they are always yelling,” You can do it hermana!” After soccer we taught a lesson with a member and our investigator Chimene. She promised to come to church the next day, and we were so excited!
Sunday was church and we had gotten a ride so Chimene could go. She called the ride and told her she would be coming later, and we were a bit nervous. But in the middle of sacrement meeting Chimene and her son came walking in! It was awesome, and the members did a great job of welcoming her.
The weather is actually at a point where it is hot! I, for the first time since I started my mission, am not wearing tights! Quebec is beautiful, and I have loved seeing the progression from winter to spring. I love you all so much!