Meredith’s mission update 6/15/2015

by theclosetnarnian

Montreal zone conf photo

Monday was our Jour de Preparation. I finally got a bag after my old one broke from falling off my bike all the time. Tuesday we visited some members and one of our investigators texted us back and said we could meet with her. She even answered the scripture question we had sent her a week before to remind her of her commitment to read Alma 32. Unfortunately it was the only time we were able to meet with her all week, but it was a great lesson on baptism that she hopefully will keep in her memory. Her baptismal date is the 4th of July (because we need some sort of celebration) but it may change.

Wednesday was spent walking up and down the streets of our area trying to talk to people. Thursday was Zone Training, which gave us a chance to drive to Montreal and soak in the city life before returning to the banlieu (suburbs). As it happens though, our area has a rather popular old town. People are always there at night, in between the bars and the cafes and the cremeries (I’m not sure if this is unique to Quebec, but there are so many seasonal cremeries and bar laitiers for eating ice cream. Literally one on every street corner). We also had two lessons in the evening.

On Friday after Planning we had a lesson with Chimene! She wanted to go through the Gospel Art book so 6-8-2015 Chimenewe did that and talked about the stories that went along with the images.

Saturday was our favorite — soccer. I’ll probably be pro by the time I get back. Some of my saves were not entirely disappointing this time. The leader of our team told me to just kick the ball as hard as I can, no matter where, so I suppose I will do that.

Sunday we had church of course. I played piano in Relief Society (who knew that “Called to Serve” was such a difficult song? I felt so embarrassed that I, a missionary, had a hard time playing it). After that we passed by some families and had a lesson. It seems odd, but I really have had a lot of special experiences in playing piano for the ward. I don’t play well, but I am so blessed to show a simple service to them and they are so patient to let me play. I know that with my piano, and in life, Heavenly Father makes up for our imperfections and shortcomings if we are trying with sincerity to love others and do His will. And as we use our talents, He will increase them and inspire others.

I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all your support and all your prayers and thoughts on my behalf. It means so much to me that I have so many good people cheering me on when times are good and bad. My family and friends are always in my prayers! You are all wonderful!