Meredith in Montreal

Letters and Photos from Sister/Soeur/Hermana Hanna

Month: July, 2015

Meredith’s mission update 7/27/2015

On Monday we went to a place called Byward Market, which is a food/artisan market that is part indoor part outdoor. My companion and I sampled beaver tails, which are a popular dessert here. The beaver tail itself is just special fried dough with different toppings you can choose. I got La Quebecoise because I will now probably be interested in all things with that title. The topping was maple butter. On Tuesday we had a lesson with our investigator who is getting baptised this week (hopefully)!!!! Then we taught another lesson and went out to dinner with a member and his friend. Thai food! Oh I have such good memories with that yellow curry. Thank you, Papaye Verte.

Wednesday we had another two lessons. One of the girls we taught took us to David’s Tea. They have all sorts of tea (we got the herbal variety which is non-caffeinated, of course!!), from Cotton Candy to Shirley Temple to Apple Cinnamon, and you can choose which one you like, and have it iced or hot or in a soda. I am sure they have places like this in the States, but they seem uniquely popular here.

Thursday we went to District Meeting and then to a lesson, followed by service at a soup kitchen. Friday we had some lessons and Saturday after church cleaning we headed to a Ward Missionary Correlation at the University of Ottawa. It is odd being on a university campus as a missionary, still a student, yet temporarily not, wearing nice clothes and seeming older than everyone, yet still the exact same age. Sunday we had some meetings and taught a lesson to a referral. There isn’t much I can say about the lesson because it is a blog, but it was one of the best lessons of my mission. One. Of. The. Best. Spirit was strong, companionship was unified, everything was great.

7-6-15 meredith and comp 7-6-15 frere and soeur chabot 7-7-15 Meredith comp and 2 other people7-7-15 Meredith comp and family7-7-15 meredith with Duplessis 7-7-15 meredith with family7-13-15 post office 7-13-15 new companion in ottawa7-13-15 meredith7-13-15 ottawa7-20-15 beaver tail7-22-15 drink

FYI:  Meredith is halfway through her mission!!  She’s been out 9 of  18 months as of 7/29/15.


2nd week in Ottawa – Meredith’s Mission update 7/20/15

Monday, during P-day, we took some pictures around downtown. They have a hotel that looks like a castle, but like a legitimate one, not like Excalibur in Las Vegas. It is right next to Parliament and overlooks the canal, and all the Canadian bigwigs stay there. It is fun serving in a city, there are always things going on and cool things to see. Later we taught a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The next day we taught some lessons and were rushing from place to place. Almost every place we need to get to takes about an hour by bus, so time can be tight. Food often takes last priority, so I suppose I am burning off all the weight I gained in family wards.

Wednesday we had a lesson in Gatineau, the part of our area that is all French and in Quebec. I love having an opportunity to speak French, like the couple times we cross the river to Ontario’s French neighbor.

Thursday after District Meeting we had a lesson and then served at a Food Bank. I was literally about to faint at the end, and we still had to teach a lesson later. Thankfully the supervisor said we could take some of the extra food home. Miracles! If that hadn’t have happened I would have been foodless from 8am to 9pm.  Sorry I’m hungry right now too so all that is standing out most for me from the week deals with eating.

Friday we had a couple lessons. It was raining a lot. Later in the night I went on exchanges with the Sister Training leaders in Gatineau. French!! How I do love it. One person even thought I was from Quebec or France. They flatter me.

Sunday we had church and Weekly Planned.

I love you all so much!!

In the Capital of Canada, Mission update 7-13-2015

Well how to begin? This has been a most eventful week. Last Monday we had a dinner with a family and had the mother’s famous fudge cake. I almost tried to sneak a look at the recipe, but my morals wouldn’t allow it (it is a secret family recipe).

Tuesday was a non stop, lesson food lesson meeting food lesson madhouse. We had a lot of people to say goodbye to and a lot of things to pack and not a lot of time. We stayed up late packing and I woke up early to continue.

Wednesday was transfer day. Being transferred to Ottawa consists of a bit more effort than being transferred to another part of Quebec. We had to take our luggage from the mission office to the bus station while using the metro. Being the sort of person I am, I sort of stood next to my luggage, halfheartedly tugging at it until the elders noticed and helped carry my stuff the whole way. Chivalry is apparently not dead among Mormon missionaries. I slept most of the way to Ottawa and then met my companion.

My area is interesting. I am in the Young Single Adult (YSA) ward which comprises all of the city, which is the capital of Canada (no, it is not Toronto), as well as part of Quebec next to the Ottawa River. We use only buses to get around so that means there has been a lot of running to catch the bus at all hours of the day. The area is completely bilingual, it seems to me a completely equal mix of French and Canadian English, but the ward holds services in English. On my first day we went to the downtown mall which is where we have most of our lessons, and we taught a recent convert. Then we went to work at a soup kitchen.

The next day we had a lesson with a girl who is preparing for baptism in a couple weeks. She is really amazing and has a sincere desire to do what is right. We have lessons with her at a park next to the Canal, which goes through the whole city. Ottawa is very clean, with a lot of government buildings for obvious reasons.

On Sunday we had meetings and a lesson. To be honest, I am so tired. I have never had to walk around so much in the sun and humidity before in my life, whilst carrying my scriptures. But I am happy to be doing the Lord’s work here. I love you all!

from Soeur to Sister Hanna – Mission update 7/6/2015

6-29-2015 miracles

Monday we had a fun P-Day with the other missionaries in our district as we walked around the old part of our area and took pictures.

Tuesday we had a miracle! We had run out of kilometres (on our car) for the month and thus had to use our bikes. I had been looking over our plans for the day and for some reason I felt like forgoing a certain member pass-by and heading over instead to pass a note to another member who lived in the opposite direction. I told my companion after some hesitation, and we started out. As we were biking we saw one of our members playing soccer at a park, and after looking harder we saw that he was with one of the people we had talked to on the street the month before. We had given this man a pamphlet the last time we were out of kilometres and using bikes. We pulled over and began to talk to them, and after he expressed interest in our message, we taught him a lesson under a tree next to the soccer field. He seemed to be unloading on us everything he had been pondering about spiritual things, telling us that his friends didn’t want to discuss things like that with him. We have another appointment with him tomorrow! On the way home from that I got into a bike accident though and couldn’t really walk the rest of the day. We have started helping members do Visiting Teaching (because visiting teaching is just missionary work to members, and missionary work is just visiting teaching to nonmembers, Chpt. 1 of PMG) and we did a visit that night.

Wednesday we taught a lesson to another new investigator. He had already starting reading the Book of Mormon, and he is searching for the truth. He is open to learning and working towards finding things for himself, which is of course wonderful for him and his family. After that we saw Chimene!

Thursday we volunteered at the thrift store and then taught a lesson. Friday was Zone Training in Montreal. Saturday we had a lesson and helped prepare for the baptism of a little boy. We helped decorate, and I played piano. Chimene came, and it was so amazing to see her talk with the members and meet everyone. We love her so much! She is so cute. We also got our transfer calls. Yes everyone, I am going to Ottawa, which is bilingual but mainly English. I thought for sure I would stay longer.  It was so hard to accept that I will be leaving an area again. But it is just more people to love.

Sunday we said goodbye to everyone and prepared to go. All of the sisters in our apartment are leaving, so it is a madhouse. Wish me luck, I love you all!

6-29-2015 park bench

I wanted a photo at this bench, and then when I sat on it immediately all of the elders started taking photos of me as well to annoy me. How funny.

6-29-2015 fountain 6-29-2015 garden   6-29-2015 street  7-4-2015 young man7-6-2015 sisters

Mission update from 6/29/15

This week was amazing. I learned a lot and I am really hoping that on transfer calls next Saturday I can stay in this area!
Monday we helped one of the 16 year olds, Rachel, to get ready for her ball (Canadian prom). I did makeup and nails and my companion did hair. She was so pretty! We watched Mormon Messages and talked together while we worked. She had introduced us to some of her friends the week before. Everyone in the area takes pictures for the ball in the same place, so Sister Willis and I decided to see all of the teenagers in their finery after Rachel was finished. It must have been odd for the students and their parents to see two Mormon missionaries taking pictures of everyone but whatever. I love dances and all the fun memories of getting dressed up to take photos.
Anyway, we got to where Rachel was with her friends and we said hi to all of them. The interesting thing though was that even though they had take photos already, they wanted to retake them with us! Some of them even wanted individual photos with the sister missionaries. It was amazing. One of Rachel’s friends was taught yesterday by the elders (we had a dinner scheduled and couldn’t go).
Tuesday I was on exchanges with one of the Sister Training Leaders. We stayed in Terrebonne so I was in charge of most of the planning. Everything, everything, everything fell through, even the backup plans. In the end we got a lesson. Our area went crazy that night, because it was the day before Quebec’s national holiday, la Fete de St.Jean-Baptiste. The renowned Quebecois rocker Eric Lapointe was singing in the old town and we could hear him wailing until late. Most of the streets were closed and everyone was in blue and white.
The next day we went to a St.Jean dinner and I taught my first full lesson in Spanish later in the evening!
The next day was a miracle. We met with all the people we wanted to see, including an investigator that we hadn’t been able to meet with. It turns out her family would lie to us and tell us she wasn’t there. Awkward. The next day we taught our investigator again. We proposed another baptismal date. We had both felt right about a certain date and it turns out it was her birthday.
On Saturday we had soccer, again with the nice Italians. We sang at a baptism for another nice Italian later that night. Who knew that I would be able to remember the descant for “I am a Child of God” after having left Primary so long ago?
Sunday we had a great church meeting and dinner afterward.
I love you all and thank you so much for your examples!