from Soeur to Sister Hanna – Mission update 7/6/2015

by theclosetnarnian

6-29-2015 miracles

Monday we had a fun P-Day with the other missionaries in our district as we walked around the old part of our area and took pictures.

Tuesday we had a miracle! We had run out of kilometres (on our car) for the month and thus had to use our bikes. I had been looking over our plans for the day and for some reason I felt like forgoing a certain member pass-by and heading over instead to pass a note to another member who lived in the opposite direction. I told my companion after some hesitation, and we started out. As we were biking we saw one of our members playing soccer at a park, and after looking harder we saw that he was with one of the people we had talked to on the street the month before. We had given this man a pamphlet the last time we were out of kilometres and using bikes. We pulled over and began to talk to them, and after he expressed interest in our message, we taught him a lesson under a tree next to the soccer field. He seemed to be unloading on us everything he had been pondering about spiritual things, telling us that his friends didn’t want to discuss things like that with him. We have another appointment with him tomorrow! On the way home from that I got into a bike accident though and couldn’t really walk the rest of the day. We have started helping members do Visiting Teaching (because visiting teaching is just missionary work to members, and missionary work is just visiting teaching to nonmembers, Chpt. 1 of PMG) and we did a visit that night.

Wednesday we taught a lesson to another new investigator. He had already starting reading the Book of Mormon, and he is searching for the truth. He is open to learning and working towards finding things for himself, which is of course wonderful for him and his family. After that we saw Chimene!

Thursday we volunteered at the thrift store and then taught a lesson. Friday was Zone Training in Montreal. Saturday we had a lesson and helped prepare for the baptism of a little boy. We helped decorate, and I played piano. Chimene came, and it was so amazing to see her talk with the members and meet everyone. We love her so much! She is so cute. We also got our transfer calls. Yes everyone, I am going to Ottawa, which is bilingual but mainly English. I thought for sure I would stay longer.  It was so hard to accept that I will be leaving an area again. But it is just more people to love.

Sunday we said goodbye to everyone and prepared to go. All of the sisters in our apartment are leaving, so it is a madhouse. Wish me luck, I love you all!

6-29-2015 park bench

I wanted a photo at this bench, and then when I sat on it immediately all of the elders started taking photos of me as well to annoy me. How funny.

6-29-2015 fountain 6-29-2015 garden   6-29-2015 street  7-4-2015 young man7-6-2015 sisters