Mission update from 6/29/15

by theclosetnarnian

This week was amazing. I learned a lot and I am really hoping that on transfer calls next Saturday I can stay in this area!
Monday we helped one of the 16 year olds, Rachel, to get ready for her ball (Canadian prom). I did makeup and nails and my companion did hair. She was so pretty! We watched Mormon Messages and talked together while we worked. She had introduced us to some of her friends the week before. Everyone in the area takes pictures for the ball in the same place, so Sister Willis and I decided to see all of the teenagers in their finery after Rachel was finished. It must have been odd for the students and their parents to see two Mormon missionaries taking pictures of everyone but whatever. I love dances and all the fun memories of getting dressed up to take photos.
Anyway, we got to where Rachel was with her friends and we said hi to all of them. The interesting thing though was that even though they had take photos already, they wanted to retake them with us! Some of them even wanted individual photos with the sister missionaries. It was amazing. One of Rachel’s friends was taught yesterday by the elders (we had a dinner scheduled and couldn’t go).
Tuesday I was on exchanges with one of the Sister Training Leaders. We stayed in Terrebonne so I was in charge of most of the planning. Everything, everything, everything fell through, even the backup plans. In the end we got a lesson. Our area went crazy that night, because it was the day before Quebec’s national holiday, la Fete de St.Jean-Baptiste. The renowned Quebecois rocker Eric Lapointe was singing in the old town and we could hear him wailing until late. Most of the streets were closed and everyone was in blue and white.
The next day we went to a St.Jean dinner and I taught my first full lesson in Spanish later in the evening!
The next day was a miracle. We met with all the people we wanted to see, including an investigator that we hadn’t been able to meet with. It turns out her family would lie to us and tell us she wasn’t there. Awkward. The next day we taught our investigator again. We proposed another baptismal date. We had both felt right about a certain date and it turns out it was her birthday.
On Saturday we had soccer, again with the nice Italians. We sang at a baptism for another nice Italian later that night. Who knew that I would be able to remember the descant for “I am a Child of God” after having left Primary so long ago?
Sunday we had a great church meeting and dinner afterward.
I love you all and thank you so much for your examples!