In the Capital of Canada, Mission update 7-13-2015

by theclosetnarnian

Well how to begin? This has been a most eventful week. Last Monday we had a dinner with a family and had the mother’s famous fudge cake. I almost tried to sneak a look at the recipe, but my morals wouldn’t allow it (it is a secret family recipe).

Tuesday was a non stop, lesson food lesson meeting food lesson madhouse. We had a lot of people to say goodbye to and a lot of things to pack and not a lot of time. We stayed up late packing and I woke up early to continue.

Wednesday was transfer day. Being transferred to Ottawa consists of a bit more effort than being transferred to another part of Quebec. We had to take our luggage from the mission office to the bus station while using the metro. Being the sort of person I am, I sort of stood next to my luggage, halfheartedly tugging at it until the elders noticed and helped carry my stuff the whole way. Chivalry is apparently not dead among Mormon missionaries. I slept most of the way to Ottawa and then met my companion.

My area is interesting. I am in the Young Single Adult (YSA) ward which comprises all of the city, which is the capital of Canada (no, it is not Toronto), as well as part of Quebec next to the Ottawa River. We use only buses to get around so that means there has been a lot of running to catch the bus at all hours of the day. The area is completely bilingual, it seems to me a completely equal mix of French and Canadian English, but the ward holds services in English. On my first day we went to the downtown mall which is where we have most of our lessons, and we taught a recent convert. Then we went to work at a soup kitchen.

The next day we had a lesson with a girl who is preparing for baptism in a couple weeks. She is really amazing and has a sincere desire to do what is right. We have lessons with her at a park next to the Canal, which goes through the whole city. Ottawa is very clean, with a lot of government buildings for obvious reasons.

On Sunday we had meetings and a lesson. To be honest, I am so tired. I have never had to walk around so much in the sun and humidity before in my life, whilst carrying my scriptures. But I am happy to be doing the Lord’s work here. I love you all!