2nd week in Ottawa – Meredith’s Mission update 7/20/15

by theclosetnarnian

Monday, during P-day, we took some pictures around downtown. They have a hotel that looks like a castle, but like a legitimate one, not like Excalibur in Las Vegas. It is right next to Parliament and overlooks the canal, and all the Canadian bigwigs stay there. It is fun serving in a city, there are always things going on and cool things to see. Later we taught a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The next day we taught some lessons and were rushing from place to place. Almost every place we need to get to takes about an hour by bus, so time can be tight. Food often takes last priority, so I suppose I am burning off all the weight I gained in family wards.

Wednesday we had a lesson in Gatineau, the part of our area that is all French and in Quebec. I love having an opportunity to speak French, like the couple times we cross the river to Ontario’s French neighbor.

Thursday after District Meeting we had a lesson and then served at a Food Bank. I was literally about to faint at the end, and we still had to teach a lesson later. Thankfully the supervisor said we could take some of the extra food home. Miracles! If that hadn’t have happened I would have been foodless from 8am to 9pm.  Sorry I’m hungry right now too so all that is standing out most for me from the week deals with eating.

Friday we had a couple lessons. It was raining a lot. Later in the night I went on exchanges with the Sister Training leaders in Gatineau. French!! How I do love it. One person even thought I was from Quebec or France. They flatter me.

Sunday we had church and Weekly Planned.

I love you all so much!!