Meredith’s mission update 7/27/2015

by theclosetnarnian

On Monday we went to a place called Byward Market, which is a food/artisan market that is part indoor part outdoor. My companion and I sampled beaver tails, which are a popular dessert here. The beaver tail itself is just special fried dough with different toppings you can choose. I got La Quebecoise because I will now probably be interested in all things with that title. The topping was maple butter. On Tuesday we had a lesson with our investigator who is getting baptised this week (hopefully)!!!! Then we taught another lesson and went out to dinner with a member and his friend. Thai food! Oh I have such good memories with that yellow curry. Thank you, Papaye Verte.

Wednesday we had another two lessons. One of the girls we taught took us to David’s Tea. They have all sorts of tea (we got the herbal variety which is non-caffeinated, of course!!), from Cotton Candy to Shirley Temple to Apple Cinnamon, and you can choose which one you like, and have it iced or hot or in a soda. I am sure they have places like this in the States, but they seem uniquely popular here.

Thursday we went to District Meeting and then to a lesson, followed by service at a soup kitchen. Friday we had some lessons and Saturday after church cleaning we headed to a Ward Missionary Correlation at the University of Ottawa. It is odd being on a university campus as a missionary, still a student, yet temporarily not, wearing nice clothes and seeming older than everyone, yet still the exact same age. Sunday we had some meetings and taught a lesson to a referral. There isn’t much I can say about the lesson because it is a blog, but it was one of the best lessons of my mission. One. Of. The. Best. Spirit was strong, companionship was unified, everything was great.

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FYI:  Meredith is halfway through her mission!!  She’s been out 9 of  18 months as of 7/29/15.