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Month: August, 2015

Meredith’s mission update of Aug 31, 2015

Rather than a play-by-play of the week I will just give some highlights of what happened. We are teaching a wonderful new person, and she is so sensitive to the Spirit. She wants to change and improve and wants to be baptized at the end of the month, on my 11 month anniversary on the mission (we met her first on my 9 month anniversary). We are loving our lessons with her, and I have felt my testimony become strengthened as we go through everything with her. She came to church on Sunday and said it was life-changing. The people I have met on my mission are the main way I can feel God’s love for me. I love them so much, they are more like family than friends.

We taught other lessons too, and it is remarkable to see how fast the gospel changes one’s life. In the course of a few months people have left addictions and other harmful things in the past.  I am so thankful that I have this time to give of myself to the Savior and to others.

I love you all so much!


Mission update of Aug 24, 2015

On Monday we did the normal P-Day things like buying food for the week and emailing. It was a day of blistering heat I will have you know. Today it is raining so hard it sounds like the War of 1812. There is a joke here in Eastern Canada: “How do you like the weather?”  “I like it” (or I don’t like it).  “Wait 5 minutes.”  Anyway. Then we taught a lesson to a new investigator at Tim Horton’s. Most of our lessons, as previously stated, are at public places like restaurants or parks, because YSAs often have to meet downtown during their breaks at work or after classes. So that is one of the most noticeable differences from my former time in family wards.

On Tuesday we taught some lessons, it was great. Wednesday we didn’t have any lessons for most of the day, but it gave us a great opportunity to contact people who had formerly been investigators. YSAs are so transient that most of them are probably in different provinces or Toronto by now, but we at least try.

Thursday we volunteered at the soup kitchen as usual. It is awesome because we get to help out and they feed us at the end, and the food is actually very good.

Friday we had some lessons that had us busing all over Ottawa to various malls. And Saturday we had correlation with our Ward Mission Leader to discuss the needs of the people we are teaching.

It has been a lovely week, but we are motivated to have an even better one this week. While I don’t write in detail about a lot of these lessons for sake of privacy for the people involved, I would like to say that I am so thankful for the opportunity to see people grow and change. The gospel is something that truly changes us, if we accept it and let it change us. I think if I have grown in one thing on my mission it is my love of the Savior. I have often felt His comfort as I am struggling with myself, with other people, or situations in general. He loves us and lived his life for us, and still lives for us.

I love you all!

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Meredith’s mission update Aug 17th, 2015

I suppose I will regale you all with my random recollections of this past week in no real order. Starting with Monday!
Monday we had a district activity to go hiking to a cave. The hike is the biggest portion of the trip, and the cave takes about 10 minutes. It was beautiful and it is a water cave aka as close as missionaries can get to swimming (the water was like knee high). I liked the activity however it took the whole day.
Tuesday we taught a lesson to two girls who are about to go to the temple. We used one of my favorite Mormon Messages, the one about the family Mou Tham. I like to tell people that my dad met some of them on his mission in New Caledonia.  🙂 (Here’s the link to the video: & the talk from general conference:

Wednesday we taught some lessons. Thursday we had District Meeting and then volunteered at the soup kitchen.
Friday we had lessons with three investigators, who are all amazing and so wonderful!
Saturday I gave a talk at the baptism of a man the Chinese-speaking elders were teaching. It was a beautiful baptism and the Spirit was so strong.
Sunday after church we had a dinner and fireside, both very nice.
I love you all so much!

Meredith’s mission update Aug 10, 2015

I have no time to write so here goes…

Monday we had a Sister Training Leader activity that involved several team-building things.
Tuesday we had some lessons (yay!) and got a new investigator (yay!).
Wednesday we also had lessons. We just kept getting blessed. #blessed. Not number-dropping or anything (ok, I am) but we had 18 lessons this week. 18 different times to share the gospel, the most important thing ever, to other people. That is more than ever before in my mission I think.
Thursday my companion and I gave a training lesson on Obedience (always important for missionaries). Then we served at the soup kitchen.
Friday we had a lot of lessons. Saturday we had lessons and went out to dinner at a cool diner with a member. I met a man from India on the bus who is really a seeker. He became a new investigator Sunday when we taught him after church. Sunday we had church and went to two meetings so we could be with two different potential investigators.
Sorry this email is frustratingly brief.
I love you all!


Welcome to the OC (Ottawa City)

Hello everyone!
On Monday we had interviews with our mission president. He always tells me things I need to hear, and we discussed some struggles I was having and had. I am so thankful for him, and for all the work he does, having to patiently deal with missionaries and their inidividual problems and insecurities. Missions seem to bring out the best and worst in every missionary, it being such a stressful environment with so many obligations and expectations. I can’t say I have ever gotten so low for so long, yet had so many uplifting experiences, in as short of a time as 9 months. Later we taught a lesson to a recent convert who is so amazing, doing everything she can to bring the Spirit more in her life. I am so impressed by the Young Single Adults that we work with. So many live by themselves, fend for themselves, and yet they make the conscious decision to come to church each Sunday and to magnify their callings. They show a faith that is an example to even the most experienced members of the church.
Tuesday was Zone Training,which took most of the day. In our mission, people tend to stay in the same place for a long time. I have been in three different areas already, which is somewhat odd in the Canada Montreal Mission for someone who has only been out 9 months. I sometimes wonder what the Lord is trying to teach me, having been uprooted out of areas that I love so much. But I love having so many more people to love!
Wednesday we taught a lesson, that is all I seem to remember.
Thursday we had a lesson with our investigator Nelly. She is a person we have been seeing almost every day since I got here. She has an amazing desire to serve Heavenly Father. After that we volunteered at the soup kitchen.
Friday we had a couple lessons, which was nice. I also got a delicious shawarma. Mmm, shawarma.
Saturday was Nelly’s baptism. Yes the first baptism of someone I have actually taught here on the mission! The sisters before me had taught her three lessons, and we have been teaching her a lot too. The baptism was beautiful. My companion and I and two girls from the ward sang the musical number “I Feel My Savior’s Love.” It was so exciting to see someone make that commitment, and know that it is really just the beginning of a wonderful life with the gospel.
On Sunday we had a great potluck after church, and then passed-by some people who weren’t home. By the way, it has been super hot here. HOT. And humid.
I love you all so much, and I know that this gospel is true. I try not to sound preachy in these letters, but I hope you can all know how much I love the gospel, and how much I love all of you 🙂