Welcome to the OC (Ottawa City)

by theclosetnarnian

Hello everyone!
On Monday we had interviews with our mission president. He always tells me things I need to hear, and we discussed some struggles I was having and had. I am so thankful for him, and for all the work he does, having to patiently deal with missionaries and their inidividual problems and insecurities. Missions seem to bring out the best and worst in every missionary, it being such a stressful environment with so many obligations and expectations. I can’t say I have ever gotten so low for so long, yet had so many uplifting experiences, in as short of a time as 9 months. Later we taught a lesson to a recent convert who is so amazing, doing everything she can to bring the Spirit more in her life. I am so impressed by the Young Single Adults that we work with. So many live by themselves, fend for themselves, and yet they make the conscious decision to come to church each Sunday and to magnify their callings. They show a faith that is an example to even the most experienced members of the church.
Tuesday was Zone Training,which took most of the day. In our mission, people tend to stay in the same place for a long time. I have been in three different areas already, which is somewhat odd in the Canada Montreal Mission for someone who has only been out 9 months. I sometimes wonder what the Lord is trying to teach me, having been uprooted out of areas that I love so much. But I love having so many more people to love!
Wednesday we taught a lesson, that is all I seem to remember.
Thursday we had a lesson with our investigator Nelly. She is a person we have been seeing almost every day since I got here. She has an amazing desire to serve Heavenly Father. After that we volunteered at the soup kitchen.
Friday we had a couple lessons, which was nice. I also got a delicious shawarma. Mmm, shawarma.
Saturday was Nelly’s baptism. Yes the first baptism of someone I have actually taught here on the mission! The sisters before me had taught her three lessons, and we have been teaching her a lot too. The baptism was beautiful. My companion and I and two girls from the ward sang the musical number “I Feel My Savior’s Love.” It was so exciting to see someone make that commitment, and know that it is really just the beginning of a wonderful life with the gospel.
On Sunday we had a great potluck after church, and then passed-by some people who weren’t home. By the way, it has been super hot here. HOT. And humid.
I love you all so much, and I know that this gospel is true. I try not to sound preachy in these letters, but I hope you can all know how much I love the gospel, and how much I love all of you 🙂