Meredith’s mission update Aug 17th, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

I suppose I will regale you all with my random recollections of this past week in no real order. Starting with Monday!
Monday we had a district activity to go hiking to a cave. The hike is the biggest portion of the trip, and the cave takes about 10 minutes. It was beautiful and it is a water cave aka as close as missionaries can get to swimming (the water was like knee high). I liked the activity however it took the whole day.
Tuesday we taught a lesson to two girls who are about to go to the temple. We used one of my favorite Mormon Messages, the one about the family Mou Tham. I like to tell people that my dad met some of them on his mission in New Caledonia.  🙂 (Here’s the link to the video: & the talk from general conference:

Wednesday we taught some lessons. Thursday we had District Meeting and then volunteered at the soup kitchen.
Friday we had lessons with three investigators, who are all amazing and so wonderful!
Saturday I gave a talk at the baptism of a man the Chinese-speaking elders were teaching. It was a beautiful baptism and the Spirit was so strong.
Sunday after church we had a dinner and fireside, both very nice.
I love you all so much!