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Month: September, 2015

Meredith’s mission update of Sept 21, 2015

imageWhy hello! We had a great week preparing Emilie for baptism. She is learning so much and has an amazing understanding of the gospel already. We began teaching her at the end of July, had a gap of about a month, and then began teaching again for a month, and now she is getting baptised! It is amazing to see how rapidly she has caught hold to the gospel. And the ward absolutely loves her and has taken her in.
Monday I insisted that we do some sightseeing around Parliament while the weather is still pleasant enough to do so, so we did that. Then we went home for a brief dinner and did some pass-bys.
Tuesday we had lunch with a member at Subway where I got my favorite meatball marinara sandwich. Unfortunately my favorite sandwich is also the messiest one, so there were some spaghetti stains when we went to see Emilie later. While we are happy that school has started here and there are more YSAs to get to know in the ward, it makes things difficult in terms of getting members to teach with us. So we did a lot of teaching alone. Sad face.
Wednesday we had District Meeting and also a lesson with Emilie. She is so great! And her family is so supportive of her decision to be baptised. They are actually all coming to the service, and have been interested in hearing what she has been learning. She is already an amazing missionary.
Thursday we had a lesson and then served in the food kitchen. Then we had dinner and dessert with a member from China. He was studying in Michigan and then decided a degree from a Canadian university would be nice, so he came to Ottawa. While he was here for 3 weeks he realized that he should go back to China and then to Michigan to finish his degree there. He is really awesome, and it was great to spend time with him. Of course we took him out for poutine and beaver tails because he can’t leave Canada without that.
Friday we met with Emilie again and had some other lessons. Saturday was meetings and more lessons. We didn’t have dinner until about 7 so I was dying. Thankfully there was an Ikea close by, and I got to introduce my Mexican companion to the joys of Swedish furniture store foodmarts.
Sunday was great; Emilie came to church! So awesome!
I’m excited to see what this next week brings. I love you all!


Meredith's favorite cook at the food bank

Meredith’s favorite cook at the food bank




Meredith’s mission update from sept 14, 2015

Because of the holiday on Monday we had our P-Day switched to Tuesday. So on Monday we taught Emilie and some other lessons.

Tuesday for P-Day we had planned for a day of sightseeing but then we got a text from the Sister Training Leaders asking if I had found a violin to play for a musical number for Zone Conference on Thursday. They had asked me the weekend before and I hadn’t found one and was sort of holding off because I was worried it would distract me from working harder during the week. But they quite wanted me to play so I asked a girl in the ward if I could borrow her violin. She texted and said that she was using her violin for an audition on Thursday, but that she actually had a spare I could use! So the Sister Training Leaders picked it up for me. We had about 15 minutes to practice a song originally just for voice and piano. One sister sang, another played violin, and during the week at night I arranged a violin part from the existing music.

On Thursday we had a couple run-throughs, tweaked things a bit, and performed. I was still improvising during the actual performance! haha but it sounded good. Thursday obviously we had Zone Conference. They are usually around 8 hours so quite lengthy. The ward Senior missionary couple took us out for Panda Express after, and I was so grateful!

Friday we had some great lessons, more of the same on Saturday.
Emilie came to church on Sunday, and it was a great meeting! I love you all!!

Meredith’s mission update Sept 8, 2015

So many blessings happen everyday! I am so thankful that Heavenly Father really has a plan for us and arranges things in the best way for us.
On Monday we had a normal P-Day. I bought myself a boba drink at the mall because I get nostalgic for the times my mom and sister would get boba with me after important events. This drink was my favorite honeydew melon flavor, which obviously I am craving again because I am writing an email about it. Later in the day we had a lesson about Gratitude. I have been thinking a lot about this principle and trying to apply it more to my situation. There is really so much I have to be grateful for. I have family and friends that have always supported me, a great companion, great leaders, amazing mission president, and I love the ward and the people I serve.
Tuesday we had a lesson with a member who is graduating out of the YSA ward, then we had two other lessons. School is in session so that means more YSAs and more ward members to meet!! Yay!
Wednesday we had an amazing lesson with our investigator Emilie. It is so cool to see how the gospel is changing someone’s life!
Thursday was service and we said goodbye to our favorite cook at the shelter who is going to New Zealand for a couple months. So sad! But I am sure she is happy.
Friday was another amazing lesson with Emilie! The member we were with was able to share her story of how she found the gospel again after having been in rehab. Saturday I was on exchange with one of the sister training leaders. I also made my first chicken broth from scratch all by myself! I am so domestic.
Sunday was great. I am so thankful for my mission, and for all of you!