Meredith’s mission update from sept 14, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

Because of the holiday on Monday we had our P-Day switched to Tuesday. So on Monday we taught Emilie and some other lessons.

Tuesday for P-Day we had planned for a day of sightseeing but then we got a text from the Sister Training Leaders asking if I had found a violin to play for a musical number for Zone Conference on Thursday. They had asked me the weekend before and I hadn’t found one and was sort of holding off because I was worried it would distract me from working harder during the week. But they quite wanted me to play so I asked a girl in the ward if I could borrow her violin. She texted and said that she was using her violin for an audition on Thursday, but that she actually had a spare I could use! So the Sister Training Leaders picked it up for me. We had about 15 minutes to practice a song originally just for voice and piano. One sister sang, another played violin, and during the week at night I arranged a violin part from the existing music.

On Thursday we had a couple run-throughs, tweaked things a bit, and performed. I was still improvising during the actual performance! haha but it sounded good. Thursday obviously we had Zone Conference. They are usually around 8 hours so quite lengthy. The ward Senior missionary couple took us out for Panda Express after, and I was so grateful!

Friday we had some great lessons, more of the same on Saturday.
Emilie came to church on Sunday, and it was a great meeting! I love you all!!