Update 9-28-15 — Staying in Ottawa!!

by theclosetnarnian


If this post looks familiar it’s because I’m reposting it to see if Meredith’s Facebook settings changed.  🙂

Sept 29th is the 11 month anniversary of being on my mission!

So, in the transfer call this week we found out we are both staying in Ottawa! I am so happy to be staying with Sister Arizmendi in Dows Lake. There are so many things we have left to do here!
This week we mainly tried to prepare Emilie for baptism. However, opposition decided to make an appearance and she fainted on the street, hit her head on the ground and had a concussion. This lead to subsequent amnesia, and she couldn’t remember her family. She told us the morning after (her dad reminded her that she was getting baptised that weekend), and thankfully we were still able to meet with her. We watched the Restoration video to jog her memory. The day of the baptismal interview she was able to complete it without problems, but the day after she told us that her parents told her they didn’t think she and her family were in a good condition for the baptism because they also had contracted the flu. So we are postponing it.
A miracle happened though and out of the blue a girl contacted us. She had found our number on Mormon.org and wondered if she should go to the YSA or family ward. She is 23, and had just moved to Ottawa for school. We asked if we could meet with her, and she said yes. We found out that she had met with missionaries in Vancouver after a returned missionary friend had talked about the gospel with her. She had always been searching for truth and exploring difference religions. We are teaching her now, and she came to church on Sunday! She is super nice, and everyone thought she was just visiting from another ward.
The area is doing well and we see miracles every day!
I love you all!