Meredith’s mission update Oct 19th, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

It’s getting a little nippy outside again.  Monday commenced with my first Canadian Thanksgiving! Not much different, except that I was in Canada. A member of our ward invited us to have dinner at her house, and her mom is a professional caterer, so you can imagine the quality of the food. My mouth is still watering as I think of the pork tenderloin we had. Mmmm…

At District Meeting the next day we had some more information about the temple Open House laid out for us. Pretty excited about that! The elders in our ward will be taking over our areas for the week we are in Montreal, so they will be rather busy. Later that day I was on the bus trying to talk to a girl next to me. It is rather rare to find people on the bus that aren’t wearing headphones, and she wasn’t, so I was excited to talk to her. We had a conversation, and she asked me what church I was a missionary for. I told her, and she asked about the services and said she would come! That was great, and so needed, because we are struggling to find people to teach.

Thursday was Ottawa Mission (the food bank) and then we saw Nelly, a recent convert. During our lesson a girl was watching. She asked if we did “Bible Study” at uOttawa (where we were) every week at the same time. We said yes, and she asked if she could join the next week. Such miracles!  Friday I discovered that Tim Horton’s sells pumpkin spice donuts.

Saturday was Emilie’s baptism! It was small and perfect for her. Her dad came to support her, and we were able to have a lesson with him and her together before the service. One of the people who was asked to give a talk said she couldn’t and so Sister Arizmendi and I did one together completely from the Spirit. It turned out ok.

Sunday we found out that Emilie had another medical emergency that made it so she couldn’t get confirmed. It was sad, but we will keep on going! I love you all!