Meredith’s mission update Nov, 2, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

This past Monday was almost non-stop shopping for winter things for my companion. I also got some good fleece-lined tights, which are great because it’s like wearing sweat pants all day! Yes! Later we had a dinner with some girls in our ward. One of them has a sister that lives with them, and she has a 7 year old son. She (and they) want him to learn about the gospel and so they want to invite us over every Monday to teach him the lessons for Family Home Evening. They had a bounteous meal provided with lots of meat which makes me so happy because we don’t eat meat that often and I’m a carnivore. After the dinner and lesson we split for exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. I was with Sis. Azimi-Tabrizi, who I love!! So I was very happy.
We were in my area, and had some good lessons and talked a lot. Exchanges are nice, a little therapeutic to do something out of the ordinary. We celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my favorite brownies from a pizza place in the mall.
The next day was rainy and damp, but the silver lining was a lesson with a man from Iraq who is very interested in the restored gospel. He is the manager at a restaurant we go to often with a less active member for his weekly lessons. He asked us what church we were from, talked about his Christian background, and asked if he could meet with us. We had a great lesson and later gave him a Book of Mormon. He is 31 so we can’t keep on teaching him, but he will be well taken care of by the elders in the family ward.
The next day we served at the soup kitchen and had one last lesson with our recent convert Nelly before she moves. We hope she will be well taken care of in her new city!
Friday was busy with lessons, all good.
Saturday we had a lot of food that wasn’t good for us. Oh Halloween. But I don’t know what i will do in the States without Lay’s Ketchup potato chips. I love Canada!
Sunday we had a great church meeting with a potluck dinner afterwards. I do love YSA wards with all the food they provide for starving students and missionaries.
I love you all!!