Meredith’s mission update Nov 9, 2015

by theclosetnarnian


What a beautiful, beautiful week. I have a feeling that what I experienced this week is a little taste of heaven. This week was the week of the Temple Open House. On Monday we drove up. The Sister Training Leaders (who I love dearly and who I spent the majority of the week with) had arranged the driving schedule so that I could be with one of my close friends on the mission for the drive. We chatted about old times and our old area (we lived in the same apartment for three transfers) as we drove from Ontario to Quebec. I didn’t think coming back to Quebec would affect me so much, but it did. The area around the temple is next to my first area. Driving around brought me right back to how excited I was at the beginning of my mission, my fears, my anticipations, and how much I just wanted to love everyone and I did. Almost the moment I walked into the stake center I started seeing people from La Prairie and Terrebonne. And all the sisters from the whole mission were there. All my companions were in one place, all the sisters I came in with were in one place, and the feeling was so beautiful and so special as we prepared to help with the open house. A member of the Seventy came to train us and he took us to the temple and spoke to us about Women and our role in the priesthood in one of the instruction rooms. It is hard to describe what that was like.

The next day we started helping with the VIP tours. Not many came, but we had some people from the Jewish community and that was nice. Wednesday we had an all day exchange with the sisters in Montreal West, the English area in downtown Montreal. I have always wanted to serve in downtown Montreal and I got my wish! Yay! Very fun, and I was well fed, which is uncommon for me now that I am serving in a YSA.
Thursday was unreal. We woke up, got dressed, did our studies, and went out on a brisk fall day to get pastries at a place another sister recommended. If you want to feel like Audrey Hepburn, I suggest you get dressed to the nines, put on a coat, and walk through downtown Montreal in the fall to get some pastries with your friends. That’s what I did and I felt like doing a foxtrot everywhere.
On Thursday and Friday I saw so many people I love from all my areas and everywhere! They are such a blessing to me! Heaven will be like this I think, a happy reunion of the ones we love from every part of our lives. These members from La Prairie, Terrebonne, and Ottawa are beautiful and inspiring and they have made a big impact in my life. I love my mission so much!!


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