Meredith mission update Nov 23, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

On Monday after P-Day a kind member invited us out to get pho for my birthday. Ottawa has a cute Asian food area (it is called Chinatown but there are also a lot of Thai and Vietnamese restaurants). Tuesday was a little slow, just one lesson at night, but we were able to pass by to visit some people. The weather is cold but not absolutely bitter, so with a good coat and enough socks I am usually ok. Wednesday was, of course, MY BIRTHDAY!!! I am now 21! And Happy Birthday to all my other family and friends with birthdays this week! To celebrate (well actually because I had to, but I was happy about it) I went on an exchange with Sister Richards in Gatineau. It’s fun to speak French! The day after, Thursday, we had service and another kind member invited us to go to my favorite Chinese restaurant for my birthday. The members here are so amazing, but not just because they spoil me with love. Friday was a little tough. All of our appointments fell through. Nooooo….but it’s alright. There is always something to do in missionary work, it just takes being open-minded. Saturday we got to watch the cultural celebration for the Montreal Temple. All the youth did such an amazing job! And Sunday was the dedication, which was such a beautiful and spiritual event. I am so happy that on my mission I could see it rededicated and will be able to go a couple times before I leave. I love you all!