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Month: December, 2015

Dec 28, 2015 update

On Monday we had a hurried practice for the “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming,” the musical number we were playing for the Mission Devotional. Afterwards we went and got Beaver Tails before emailing, because being transferred to Ottawa necessitates it. My favorite is still the Killaloe Sunrise, simple cinnamon and sugar with lemon.
Tuesday was the Mission Devotional! We drove up to Montreal early in the morning and practiced right before leaving. It was crazy to see everyone, but also odd because so many of the missionaries I was used to seeing have left. It’s official, I have become an “old missionary,” where the majority of my mission friends are gone. By the way, I hit 14 months on the mission today! Most of the devotional was musical numbers, which is the way a lot more meetings should be, I feel. We had some training from President Patrick and then a large Christmas feast, with large platters of shrimp and sandwiches. At the end it was a mad rush to get any and every Christmas package in the mail room. We ended up leaving two hours after we were supposed to because it was such an ordeal to get things together, and the traffic to Ottawa was awful, so that was another three hours. We were together with some other sisters though, so that was really fun.
On Wednesday we had so many appointments! We weren’t expecting any because it was near Christmas, but there were so many people to meet with. A great day.

Thursday we served at the shelter. It was 75 degrees F! So warm!! And we were bundled up for 2 degrees.
Christmas was THE BEST. We had a brunch with the senior couple and then did Skype calls. The family of a YSA in our ward invited us to dinner.I love you all!


Merry Christmas from Canada!


This week involved a lot of hurried changes to the norm, the biggest obviously being my change in companion. She is awesome, and I am excited to work with her and see more miracles in the area. Monday we allotted enough time so that Sister A could pack! She had been in the area 10 months– her whole mission– so there were a lot of things accumulated. ┬áIn total she had 4 bags worth and a box for me to transport to the mission office later! But she got it all in during the course of one P-Day, which is a feat I have never been able to accomplish. We saw a light show at Parliament as a district and then headed to have dinner with a member. Probably the most delicious pad thai of my whole life.
Tuesday we had a flurry of appointments so that Sister A could say goodbye to everyone, investigators and members. And the next morning we woke up and went to the bus station. I was on exchange with the sister in Riverside whose companion also left for Montreal. At 5 we picked up our new companions and went back to work.
Thursday we had service at the Ottawa Mission. I got asked to play violin in the All-Mission Christmas Devotional, and so since Thursday I have been practicing whenever I can for that. It is an arrangement of “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” with piano, violin, and a male and female voice part (sung by two teams of elders and two teams of sisters). I am so excited!
Friday we had lessons with two less-active members and went to a presentation of the Nativity done by the Ottawa Stake. They have done it every year for 20 years, and it has become a sort of tradition for the community to bring their families to it. It is outdoors with real animals that you can pet after the show, and they serve free hot chocolate. It’s awesome. Seeing all the members and the earnestness they show in serving the Lord is so inspiring, and I just love them, so much. We brought some people to it that night and had some more come the day after.
Sunday was interesting. We had to do some paperwork things after church in the Family History center, and my companion needed to use the restroom. We left together, but as we were walking out I closed the door…and it was locked. All of our things were in there, our phone, keys, bags, the computers, everything. All we had were our coats. So we decided after panicking that we would walk down to the closest restaurant, a Greek place we had been to the night before, and ask the owner if we could use a phone. The only phone number I knew by heart was that of my last area, Terrebonne! So after trying to remember and actually getting it right we were able to call the sisters there, and they were able to get in touch with some people to help us out. The man at the Greek place was so kind, and we have decided to get some more food there in gratitude. I love you all and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!



Meredith mission update Dec 14, 2015


Sisters’ Christmas party

On Monday most of our p-day was spent at the sister missionaries’ Christmas party, held at the Sister Training Leaders’ apartment. It was so charming, with a little hot chocolate bar and dessert table it was almost as if we were allowed to look at Pinterest in our spare time. We mingled for about an hour and then had a white elephant gift exchange, in which I received a jewelry container and some hand warmers.
On Tuesday we had a lesson with a less-active member who is now fully embracing the gospel. We passed by his house the other day and saw that he had taken out the picture of Jesus from the Book of Mormon and put it on his front door.
On Wednesday we had a lesson with an investigator at Tim Horton’s, which is a fairly common occurrence for us. That is one thing I miss about a family ward, having lessons in houses! But sometimes people buy us donuts, which more than makes up for the lack of quiet!
Thursday we served at the shelter, then passed by a girl in the Ward. I had felt like seeing her, and that night was perfect because she was about to go home for the holidays and would not have been there for much longer! We shared the “A Savior is Born” video with her and her boyfriend.
Friday we had Weekly Planning and had poutine after. It was tasty.
Saturday among other things we had transfer calls! I am staying, my companion is going to Montreal, so I am getting a new companion. Changes, every day!
I love you all!


Meredith’s mission Update dec 7, 2015

This Monday we sacrificed a bit of our P-Day to have a lesson. Then we rushed to do all the rest of the things that we had to during the day. I think back in nostalgia to the relaxing P-Days spent writing letters and napping in my first two areas, but now without a car it is a whole different story. Tuesday was a little rainy, but not unpleasant. I came into the field around this time last December, and it was definitely a lot colder, a lot windier, and a lot snowier. It seems that winter is being kind to us…for now. On Wednesday we had a lesson with a new investigator, who is very prepared. She was a referral from the Spanish ward elders.
On Thursday we served at the food bank and committed to come also on Christmas Eve, which should be very fun. On Friday we had a lovely tea party with some girls in the ward. They have a scrumptious collection of herbal teas in all different colors and flavors, and they are always replenishing their collection, so we always have several delightful new herbal teas to choose from every time we come over!
Sunday we had a great Break the Fast dinner. The elders couldn’t stay after with a less-active girl they are working with, so they asked us if we could stay with her at church until the Christmas Devotional. She is learning English, but she wanted to watch some movies about the gospel. Together we watched all of “Meet the Mormons” in Chinese, and it was so cool, because I could still feel the Spirit even though I didn’t have much clue of what they are saying. I love you all!

Meredith mission update Dec 1, 2015

imageOn Monday we did the usual, except we had a cool miracle. For some reason, I had been thinking about this one small library near our house. We don’t usually do emails there because of the limited amount of computers, but for some reason I was thinking about i, and I really felt like we needed to go there. My companion went along with it even though we both knew there would probably not be room for us. We went, and just as we got off the bus a girl came up to us and asked if we were missionaries. Obviously responding in the affirmative, she shared how she was a less-active member and that she wanted to return back to church and change her life. Awesome! After getting her contact info and talking we went to the library where no, there was no “room in the inn” so to speak, but I guess that wasn’t the reason we were supposed to go. We continued on to do emails elsewhere.
Tuesday we were going to visit someone and then randomly saw them on the street and had a lesson. In this lesson, we asked him to read some scriptures in Moroni 10 in the Book of Mormon. He was actually so touched by the scriptures that he exclaimed in the food court of the mall, “The Book of Mormon is true! Jesus Christ loves everyone!” Which obviously was a great moment for both us and him. Wednesday we had District Meeting and then taught one of our investigators. Thursday we had a pass-off lesson with an amazing, barely-not-a-YSA-so-we-can’t-teach-him investigator. He is so prepared. When we told him the Joseph Smith story he said he had done some research on Mormons online. He said a lot of people think Joseph Smith is a fake and a charlatan, but our investigator said he had read the Bible and he knew that in the Bible visions happened all the time. So Joseph Smith’s story made sense to him. The sisters in the family ward will take good care of him (we give them so many people to teach).
Friday we had a dinner with a great girl in our ward, and Saturday we had the ward Christmas party. I got a real American Thanksgiving which was nice! And they packaged up all the rest of the turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing for the missionaries so that’s what we will be eating the rest of the week (not complaining at all). Sunday at church we presented the new Christmas video “A Saviour is Born.” You all need to go to and see it. Consider that your invitation for the week.