Meredith mission update Dec 1, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

imageOn Monday we did the usual, except we had a cool miracle. For some reason, I had been thinking about this one small library near our house. We don’t usually do emails there because of the limited amount of computers, but for some reason I was thinking about i, and I really felt like we needed to go there. My companion went along with it even though we both knew there would probably not be room for us. We went, and just as we got off the bus a girl came up to us and asked if we were missionaries. Obviously responding in the affirmative, she shared how she was a less-active member and that she wanted to return back to church and change her life. Awesome! After getting her contact info and talking we went to the library where no, there was no “room in the inn” so to speak, but I guess that wasn’t the reason we were supposed to go. We continued on to do emails elsewhere.
Tuesday we were going to visit someone and then randomly saw them on the street and had a lesson. In this lesson, we asked him to read some scriptures in Moroni 10 in the Book of Mormon. He was actually so touched by the scriptures that he exclaimed in the food court of the mall, “The Book of Mormon is true! Jesus Christ loves everyone!” Which obviously was a great moment for both us and him. Wednesday we had District Meeting and then taught one of our investigators. Thursday we had a pass-off lesson with an amazing, barely-not-a-YSA-so-we-can’t-teach-him investigator. He is so prepared. When we told him the Joseph Smith story he said he had done some research on Mormons online. He said a lot of people think Joseph Smith is a fake and a charlatan, but our investigator said he had read the Bible and he knew that in the Bible visions happened all the time. So Joseph Smith’s story made sense to him. The sisters in the family ward will take good care of him (we give them so many people to teach).
Friday we had a dinner with a great girl in our ward, and Saturday we had the ward Christmas party. I got a real American Thanksgiving which was nice! And they packaged up all the rest of the turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing for the missionaries so that’s what we will be eating the rest of the week (not complaining at all). Sunday at church we presented the new Christmas video “A Saviour is Born.” You all need to go to and see it. Consider that your invitation for the week.