Meredith’s mission Update dec 7, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

This Monday we sacrificed a bit of our P-Day to have a lesson. Then we rushed to do all the rest of the things that we had to during the day. I think back in nostalgia to the relaxing P-Days spent writing letters and napping in my first two areas, but now without a car it is a whole different story. Tuesday was a little rainy, but not unpleasant. I came into the field around this time last December, and it was definitely a lot colder, a lot windier, and a lot snowier. It seems that winter is being kind to us…for now. On Wednesday we had a lesson with a new investigator, who is very prepared. She was a referral from the Spanish ward elders.
On Thursday we served at the food bank and committed to come also on Christmas Eve, which should be very fun. On Friday we had a lovely tea party with some girls in the ward. They have a scrumptious collection of herbal teas in all different colors and flavors, and they are always replenishing their collection, so we always have several delightful new herbal teas to choose from every time we come over!
Sunday we had a great Break the Fast dinner. The elders couldn’t stay after with a less-active girl they are working with, so they asked us if we could stay with her at church until the Christmas Devotional. She is learning English, but she wanted to watch some movies about the gospel. Together we watched all of “Meet the Mormons” in Chinese, and it was so cool, because I could still feel the Spirit even though I didn’t have much clue of what they are saying. I love you all!