Dec 28, 2015 update

by theclosetnarnian

On Monday we had a hurried practice for the “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming,” the musical number we were playing for the Mission Devotional. Afterwards we went and got Beaver Tails before emailing, because being transferred to Ottawa necessitates it. My favorite is still the Killaloe Sunrise, simple cinnamon and sugar with lemon.
Tuesday was the Mission Devotional! We drove up to Montreal early in the morning and practiced right before leaving. It was crazy to see everyone, but also odd because so many of the missionaries I was used to seeing have left. It’s official, I have become an “old missionary,” where the majority of my mission friends are gone. By the way, I hit 14 months on the mission today! Most of the devotional was musical numbers, which is the way a lot more meetings should be, I feel. We had some training from President Patrick and then a large Christmas feast, with large platters of shrimp and sandwiches. At the end it was a mad rush to get any and every Christmas package in the mail room. We ended up leaving two hours after we were supposed to because it was such an ordeal to get things together, and the traffic to Ottawa was awful, so that was another three hours. We were together with some other sisters though, so that was really fun.
On Wednesday we had so many appointments! We weren’t expecting any because it was near Christmas, but there were so many people to meet with. A great day.

Thursday we served at the shelter. It was 75 degrees F! So warm!! And we were bundled up for 2 degrees.
Christmas was THE BEST. We had a brunch with the senior couple and then did Skype calls. The family of a YSA in our ward invited us to dinner.I love you all!