Mission update Jan 11, 2016

by theclosetnarnian

The end of my mission is seeming more and more near…I got a call today from the mission office about what airport I am flying into when I go home.  This phone call is known to missionaries here as the “death call.” My sister training leader told me to expect it soon, but I was thinking like in-the-next-month soon.
This week was a great week. I feel so much love for the people here and so grateful for every day that I can spend serving them. On Monday we went to see a potential investigator at what we thought was his apartment, but it turned out to be some sort of Catholic shelter for refugees. They told us he had left earlier, away from the shelter and wasn’t allowed to come back. Utterly perplexed, we went home.
Tuesday we had a great lesson with a member who is coming to church again.  We planned a movie night to see “Meet the Mormons” with an investigator at a member’s house, which was fun. We had lots of junk food so it felt like we were at a very edifying video party.
Wednesday we stopped by to see several former investigators. Thursday we finally met the potential investigator we tried to see Monday from the Catholic shelter.  He was leaving that day to move to Montreal. It was a great lesson though, and he is already in contact with missionaries in the YSA there.  Later we went to Ottawa Mission to serve food. The spaghetti was delicious. Friday we went on exchanges. I went to Gatineau and my companion stayed in Ottawa. I had probably some of the best poutine of my mission on that exchange. It was called “ptit cochon” which means “little pig.”  I don’t know if that is making reference to the pulled pork on the poutine or the fact that you look like a pig eating it. In any case, it was delicious.
Saturday I came back to Ottawa, always good to be back!
I love you all!