Meredith’s mission update Jan 25, 2016

by theclosetnarnian

Monday we did the usual things.  However, heading to an appointment after Preparation Day ended, I looked behind me after I got off the bus and my companion was gone! I spent a frantic 10 minutes looking for her, sat at the bus stop alone, then decided to head to the appointment and ask the recent convert if I could use her phone.  Someday walking alone will be normal again. I got to the library on campus and there she was! She had gone the opposite direction after getting off the bus, and then she couldn’t find me. Another crazy thing this week was when we were rushing out of the house to get to an appointment. We went to the library to check the address, went downtown, and then at the bus stop I realized I wasn’t wearing a skirt.  I was wearing a shirt and leggings (to keep my legs warm) under my knee-length coat, but missing was the skirt to complete my missionary outfit.  🙂 We quickly stopped at the mall and got a dress then went to the appointment.  Otherwise this week we taught some lessons and stopped by to visit members.  There was also a missionary broadcast, which was great, and we served at the homeless shelter.  Then we had a zone conference –that most hallowed of days that comes only once every two transfers:  Eight hours of edification, a free lunch (in this case there is such a thing), and mail!
I love you all!