Meredith’s mission update Feb 8, 2016

by theclosetnarnian


View from my new apartment in Montreal


Saying goodbye to Elder and Sister Payne, our couple missionaries.

I can’t believe I made it through this crazy week and am here to write about it in a public library in Montréal.

Last Monday for p-day I planned to pack for my transfer, but right when studies ended one of the sister training leaders called and said she was planning a surprise for her companion who was going home. Of couse we couldn’t resist participating so we immediately headed to downtown Ottawa to see Winterlude, the big ice festival where they have ice sculptures and freeze the canal (some photos of the sculptures were posted in last week’s email). The only issue is that since this has been a very mild winter many of the ice sculptures have melted and the canal became very mushy. However, the beaver tail stand was still up so we got one of those. Afterwards I realized that I had never been out to eat at the famous ByWard market, so we got lunch with some other sisters there. By the time this all ended, we had to send emails then go to a lesson. In summary, no packing got done besides what was already finished. I have been transferred three other times so I know that packing needs to start almost the moment you get the call.
Tuesday we had rapid fire lessons ending with dinner at my favorite Chinese place. And Wednesday at 5:30 am we left for the bus station. I like leaving super early, it makes you not really realize you are leaving because you are so tired. This time the way we did transfers was diferent. Instead of all meeting up at the mission office then going to our areas, we were told to head directly to our new area, mine being the middle of the island of Montréal. I had two suitcases and two bags and my companion who was training and going to the island as well to pick up her new companion was able to help me out at the beginning with my luggage as she didn`t have any. But then they left me in the metro to wait for my new companion who met me with her own three suitcases and two bags. We were left alone in the metro to transport all five suitcases and four bags to our new apartment. This was a struggle, but kind people in the metro helped us and one man even stopped his car and asked us if he could run our luggage to the apartment. Usually we would say no, but in this case we were about to pass out so we accepted.


Lots of luggage for 2 sisters to carry 

The next few days we just tried to get our bearings in the city. We are opening a new area so there are no established people to work with. But that`s ok, we are seeing lots of miracles. The Lord is truly blessing us!


Super cool grocery thing for shopping on p-day