Meredith’s mission update Feb 22, 2016

by theclosetnarnian

Tuesday I did my first training presentation as a Sister Training Leader at Zone Training. The topic was “Permanent Change” so it had a lot to do with repentance and making ourselves better permanently rather than just hearing a good lesson, pushing forward with greater resolve for the next two days and then falling back to old habits.  I think it turned out well. The rest of the day I was on exchange and exchanges are fun when you know what you are doing and where you are going, but when you don’t things are a little hard. We came quite late to a dinner appointment due to mixed up buses.
Wednesday we had a great correlation meeting with our mission president and the stake president to discuss missionary work in the area. Thursday we had Weekly Plannning and dinner at a recent convert’s home. She lives in a house where people from around the world pay to learn French, so it was a fun crowd. That Sunday a Brazilian couple that was at the dinner came to church! On Friday we were on exchange again (so many exchanges!) and we taught some great people. Saturday and Sunday we visited former investigators. Sunday we also had a great lesson with a new investigator who has the desire to be baptised. He would drive by the temple in Haiti and could feel the Spirit there.

I love you all!


Stained glass of the first catholic missionaries in Quebec