Meredith’s mission update April 4, 2016

by theclosetnarnian


Monday we proselyted instead of having our preparation day because in Canada the Monday following Easter Sunday is a federal Holiday, so more people were at home and out and about. On Tuesday we had Preparation Day and went to a cute little market near our apartment to buy produce. It actually was a lot cheaper than the grocery store and they also had a lot of Québec maple products. The funny thing about it is that the market is a 24/7 outdoor market, which I have never seen before.
Wednesday we were on exchanges, and I got to be with a friend from the MTC. We always joked that we would finally get to be companions at the end of our missions, and for this one day that was true! We had fun reminiscing on our missions, which have been so different but perfect for each of us. Thursday I started feeling weak in the morning, which I tried to brush off but it kept persisting. My cough all of a sudden got awful, and during a District Meeting my companion and I were visiting I realized that I was not ok. I won`t go into my symptons but it wasn`t pretty. Unfortunately we had a lot of appointments, and so we arranged things so that I could stay with senior missionaries for the day and my companion could be with other missionaries. The next few days are a blur of not sleeping, vomiting, fever, and calling my mission presdent`s wife who is in charge of all missionary health issues. I am so thankful to my companion who has been so patient in nursing me to health, making me soup & herbal tea, taking calls, and being so understanding, and for the senior couple who yesterday let us watch Conference at their house and catered to my every need. I am so thankful for my mission presidents wife who is always checking in on me, and for the elders that put their suits back on at 10pm when the mission president asked them to come to my apartment and give me a blessing. I have never felt more dépendent on people in my life, and I have honestly never been this sick in my life either.  But I am thankful for this experience and that Heavenly Father puts such special people in our lives to Helen take care of us. Yesterday I actually got 5 hours of sleep so things are looking up. I love you all!

**Dear friends and family,  Please keep Meredith in your prayers.  As is typical, her email is upbeat and optimistic, but she has a bad case of strep throat.  She has been to the doctor, but she isn’t sleeping well because of coughing, congestion and her painful sore throat.  To top it off, as of yesterday she has pink eye.  Please pray that she can have a speedy recovery and get back to her regular schedule.  Thank you so much!!

–Meredith’s mom.