Meredith’s mission updateApril 11, 2016

by theclosetnarnian

image.jpegThis past week I was mainly at home taking various medicines and trying to sleep. I do feel so much better though! We had two exchanges and the sisters that stayed with me just took care of me at home. It was very nice.  We had a Zone Conference on Friday, and it turned out well. I felt a little bad that I haven`t done a lot of real missionary work in the past three weeks. I know this week will be much different. I love you all!


From Meredith’s mom~~We are so grateful that Meredith’s feeling better this week, and we thank you for your prayers and concern for her.  Following is a note from the sister pictured above who was in Meredith’s MTC group.  She is going home in 2 weeks and had an exchange with Meredith a few weeks ago:

“Had to take a picture with sweet Sister Hanna on our exchange. The whole 6 weeks in the MTC we talked about how one day we would be companions and then for our entire missions we were in separate zones until my last 2 transfers as she is now my STL (Sister Training Leader) and so for my last exchange of the mission, our dream came true and she was my companion for a blissful 24 hours 🙂 It was unreal being back together and realizing how much had happened since our MTC days. She is a fabulous person and missionary <3”