Meredith’s mission update April 18, 2016

by theclosetnarnian

obligtory mtc map photo 12-9-2014On Monday among other things we enjoyed the drizzly weather around Cote-des-Neiges. Later we had some delicious Haitian food at a members house (although I have never actually had Haitian food that was not delicious). Tuesday someone gave us a bad address and we walked across literally our entire area to find it. Then someone wasn`t there for our appointment. After though we had dinner with our bishop`s family so that made up for it. Wednesday we were extremely busy all day, and I started MyPlan, which is a program for missionaries in their last six weeks to prepare for normalcy.  It is quite fun.
On Thursday we had another very busy day with lessons and planning. Friday I was on exchange. We visited a lot of people. It is starting to get warmer, and we are taking advantage of it! On Saturday I was on another exchange, this time with the companion I had in Ottawa for six months. It was fun to be companions with her for one more day! Sunday we had stake conference. I was able to see a lot of people from Terrebonne, my second area. I love them so much!

As a missionary sometimes the love you feel for the people you have served with is so great that it is truly indescribable. I can`t express it, but I know that it must be because serving helps you feel Heavenly Father`s love for people in such a profound way. I love you all!!