Meredith’s mission update May 9, 2016

by theclosetnarnian


Receiving my exit letter at the mission office

Hello everyone!  We had some great dinner appointments with some awesome members this week.  One of the things I will definitely miss coming home from my mission is all of the amazing Haitian food! I don`t know how I will be able to survive without fried plantains and black rice.

On Wednesday we went to an appointment with some recent converts as usual and we were surprised there by one of my friends from the MTC who is now home. She came back up to Montréal with her family to see some people. So that was really fun! It is weird to see my mission friends in pants…
That day we actually did two member exchanges, which is really easy to do since we are a trio. It just means that a sister goes with a member to teach investigators so that the team of missionaries can be in two places at once. Thursday was an ordinary planning day.  Friday was our first exchange of the transfer. We had a great lesson with our investigator Nestor. There was a cool moment when he asked a question, and immediately a chapter from the Book of Mormon that I have always wanted to share with an investigator came to my mind. I later found out that it came to the mind of my two other companions as well. Unity! The next few days were lovely, including talking with our families on Sunday! I love my family so much and can`t wait to see them!