Meredith’s mission update Aug 10, 2015

by theclosetnarnian

I have no time to write so here goes…

Monday we had a Sister Training Leader activity that involved several team-building things.
Tuesday we had some lessons (yay!) and got a new investigator (yay!).
Wednesday we also had lessons. We just kept getting blessed. #blessed. Not number-dropping or anything (ok, I am) but we had 18 lessons this week. 18 different times to share the gospel, the most important thing ever, to other people. That is more than ever before in my mission I think.
Thursday my companion and I gave a training lesson on Obedience (always important for missionaries). Then we served at the soup kitchen.
Friday we had a lot of lessons. Saturday we had lessons and went out to dinner at a cool diner with a member. I met a man from India on the bus who is really a seeker. He became a new investigator Sunday when we taught him after church. Sunday we had church and went to two meetings so we could be with two different potential investigators.
Sorry this email is frustratingly brief.
I love you all!